I get this question a lot and I thought I would answer all the questions here in case you had some questions of your own.  

VB KITS ARE NOT ON A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN This is the number 1 question I get. People automatically assume it is because it's a planner kit. When I started doing this VB Planner Kits I didn't realize how popular they would be and actually just made kits when I felt like it and put them up for sale. As popularity grew I started taking preorders so I knew how many to make for the upcoming month. So for now, kits are first come first serve. Hopefully, will be starting a subscription plan for those that want it early 2018

HOW DO I PREORDER? All kits are found in the category "VB KITS" in the store. Once the listing is live you'll go to the site, select your options, add to your cart and checkout out. It is a preorder so please keep in mind you won't be receiving the kit till the end of the next month. 

Preorders usually take place the 15th of each month (starting Nov) for the kit 2 months ahead. For instance... Preorder Nov 15th for January kit which will be mailed out end of December so you'll get it in time for your January planning. It is a little confusing (trust me I was confused too.) I also give the VBAddicts in the "Beautiffy Your Planner" Facebook Group early access to preorder. You can join us here. 

WILL THE KIT WORK FOR MY PLANNER? YES! VB KITS will work with any planner that you have from ring-bound, Traveler's notebooks, coil, Happy Planner, and ECLP. There is an option for you to choose Standard, Happy Planner and ECLP with no headers. Please read the description in the listing to see which box size will work for you. 

WILL I BE GETTING THE IMAGES FROM THE MOOD/INSPIRATION BOARD? No, the images featured in the mood board are just for inspiration purposes. It is a way for you to get the overall mood and style of the kit. 

HOW MUCH ARE THE KITS? The kits are $26.99 

WHAT DOES THE KIT INCLUDE? Each kit is a little bit different in regards to its contents. The basics of the kits consists of VB Stickers, 8.5" x 11" paper, sticky note and VB Pen plus there's other surprises. Most of the products featured are exclusive to VB- you won't find them elsewhere.  I also feature other planner girlbosses to have their product featured in the kit if I see it would match the theme. I always like to support others in the community! 

WHY IS SHIPPING SO EXPENSIVE FOR INTERNATIONAL?  The rate given at checkout it the max rate. Usually before preorders we don't have the product yet in our hands to weigh the kit so it is maxed out until we ship the kit out to you. When we do, at the actual rate of the kit is lower than expected we refund the remaining back to you. 

CAN I SEE SNEAK PEAKS BEFORE ORDERING?  Before preorders I always post the mood board that I create using photos I find on Pinterest. The mood/inspiration mood gives you a better understanding of concept of the kit. Please keep in mind the photos are for inspiration use only and not the actual photos you'll find in the stickers. If the product for the kit has arrived at the studio before theme reveal, I will definitely be sharing. 

WHEN DO THE KITS GET SENT OUT? Kits are sent out the last week of the previous month it's supposed to be for. So December kit will be mailed out the last week of November so you can use it for December. Because of manufactor delays or shipping delays the kit can get delayed. We always try our best to get the kits 

 WHEN DO YOU REVEAL THE PRODUCTS FOR THE KITS? Right when the products start arriving at the studio I either post in the FB group, show on my IG Instastories or post on IG. This usually happens a week before the kits get sent out. 

CAN I COMBINE SHIPPING? Sorry, but kits can't be combined with regular merchandise like stickers. The kits are prepacked and have special packaging that is weighed before preorders to get a rate on shipping. Please check-out with two separate transactions. 

I FORGOT TO PREORDER WILL THERE BE EXTRAS ONCE THEY SELL OUT? Once the allotted amount has been met there won't be anymore kits available. However, there will be extra loose products like paper, stickers, pens, etc and even at times maybe half kits. Stay tuned to the FB Group for information regarding kit extras. 

WHEN DO I KNOW IT'S TIME TO PREORDER? Preorders are always on the 15th of each month at 6:00 PM PST. I also send out an email newsletter as a friendly reminder either a couple days before or the day before so make sure you sign up! 

WHERE CAN I SEE PAST KITS?  Instagram is a good source if you would like to see past kits but I've also added a few below.  I also post contents of past kits in the listings of the kits.