VB KITS ARE NOT ON A SUBSCRIPTION PLAN This is the number one question I get. People automatically assume it is because it's a planner kit. When I started doing this VB Planner Kits I didn't realize how popular they would be and actually just made kits when I felt like it and put them up for sale. As popularity grew I started taking preorders so I knew how many to make for the upcoming month. So for now, kits are first come first serve. 

PREORDER TIMELINE: Kit theme reveal for next month's kit 1st of every month --> Preorders start 15th of every month and will be available until the allocated amount sells out --> receive shipping notification (check the listing for specific time frame as it varies from month to month) of the month the kit is supposed to be for --> wait 2-4 days before checking tracking number --> receive your kit. Please keep in mind these dates can change. Please check the original listing on the website for updates. 

WHEN DO I KNOW IT'S TIME TO PREORDER? Preorders are always on the 15 of the month. A monthly newsletter is sent out the beginning of the month to remind you when it’s time to preorder. Keep an eye for my IG posts and updates in the FB Group as well.  

HOW DO I PREORDER? All kits are found in the category "VB KITS" in the store. Once the listing is live you'll go to the site, select your options, add to your cart and checkout.  It's best to sign up for VB Newsletters so you'll always be updated with the latest news. 

HOW MUCH ARE THE KITS? Basic Kit = $28.50  Basic Kit + Paper Pack = $36.50

WHAT DOES THE KIT INCLUDE? Each kit is a little bit different in regards to its contents but there's one product that is always the same in every kit is a Crystal VBPen. Basic products are VB Sticker Book, sticky note plus other surprises. Most of the products featured are exclusive to VB- you won't find them elsewhere.  

WHEN AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THE KIT? When you place your preorder on the 15th of the current month you won't be receiving the kit till the middle of the next month. So let's say you preorder the 15th of April that means the kit will be for May and will be shipped out that month. I always add the shipping notification dates in the listing so please read the listing before ordering. 

WILL THE KIT WORK FOR MY PLANNER? YES! VB KITS will work with any planner that you have from ring-bound, Traveler's notebooks, coil, Happy Planner, and ECLP. There is an option for you to choose Standard, Happy Planner and ECLP with no headers. The basic size for the full boxes are 1.5x1.9 inches.  There is no longer an option to choose which planner you’ll need your stickers for.

WILL I BE GETTING THE IMAGES FROM THE MOOD/INSPIRATION BOARD? No, the images featured in the mood board are just for inspiration purposes. It is a way for you to get the overall mood and style of the kit. 

WHEN DO THE KITS GET SHIPPED OUT? Kits are sent out the roughly between the 15-23rd of the month it's supposed to be for. It’s best to check the listing for the exact timeframe the kits will be shipped out as each month could be different due to holidays, vacations or other events.  Please keep in mind that we do pre-print the shipping labels to make the shipping process faster for us especially when shipping so many kits. Check your tracking 2-4 days after you receive your email confirmation. Also because of manufacture delays or shipping delays the kit can get delayed. We always try our best to get the kits out in a timely manner. Updates regarding kit shipping status are always found in the original listing of the kit. 

WHY IS SHIPPING SO EXPENSIVE FOR INTERNATIONAL?  The rate given at checkout it the max rate. Usually before preorders we don't have the product yet in our hands to weigh the kit so it is maxed out until we ship the kit out to you. When we do, at the actual rate of the kit is lower than expected we refund the remaining back to you. 

CAN I SEE SNEAK PEAKS BEFORE ORDERING?  Before preorders I always post the mood board that I create using photos I find on Pinterest. The mood/inspiration mood gives you a better understanding of the overall concept and feel of the kit. Please keep in mind the photos are for inspiration use only and not the actual photos you'll find in the stickers. During “kit week” (the week when kits start shipping I do reveals on IG / Facebook Group / and a reveal video (Youtube).

WHEN DO YOU REVEAL THE PRODUCTS FOR THE KITS? Sneaks and product reveals always happen during kit week which is the week we pack up the kits for shipping.  

CAN I COMBINE SHIPPING? Sorry, but kits can't be combined with regular merchandise like stickers. The kits are prepacked and have special packaging that is weighed before preorders to get a rate on shipping. The kits are also on an automated shipping label service which categorizes the kits into batches. If another product is added to the order it will be placed in a Misc. batch and has to be manually entered into the system. This makes the shipping process very slow- please check-out with two separate transactions. 

I FORGOT TO PREORDER AND IT SAYS SOLD OUT CAN I STILL GET ONE? Once the allotted amount of preorders have been met there won't be anymore kits available- no restocks of current or previous months. . The products that are featured in each kit are specifically produced for that specific kit. Preordering right on the 15th of every month would be the best way to reserve your kit. The set amount of preorders can last 24 hours, a week or even the whole month it just depends on the popularity of the kit.  However, there will be extra loose products like paper, stickers, pens, etc and even at times full kits. It is not always guaranteed that the specific product you want will be available. Look for an email regarding kit extras information. 

CAN I JUST BUY THE KIT PEN? The kit pen is exclusive to the kits that they are featured in (that's why the pen is named after the monthly kit). At times, there will be extras once the kits get sent out but only a few quantities it could be 1-200 depending on how many kits sold that month. If there are extras they will be released with the corresponding pen collection that complements the kit. For instance the Rainy Day Kit (sky blue with blue/aqua crystals) will be available (very small quantity) when the Rainy Days New Release Pen Collection launches (TBD). You can always post in the VB Official BUY SALE TRADE Group to see if anyone is selling theirs. 

DOES A POUCH COME WITH EVERY KIT? The pouches that hold the contents of the products are strictly just for packaging purposes. I use the pouches so all the kit is presentable, easy storing and planning on the go for you. At times, we may have extras and those will be listed in the shop. If you do receive a pouch that has imperfections please note that the pouches are for packaging and if there are extras then we’ll send you a new one. The pouches are just an added bonus to the kits and not included in the overall price of the whole kit.

WHERE CAN I SEE PAST KITS?  Instagram is a good source if you would like to see past kits but I've also added a few below.  I also post contents of past kits in the listings of the kits.  

WHEN WILL DIGITALS BE SENT OUT? You’ll get an email that the digitals have been updated and are ready for direct downloaded sometime during kit week. If you do not receive the email notification please email customer service after kit week.

CAN I GET THE DIGITALS ON IT’S OWN? Sorry no you can’t. The digitals are exclusive for the preordered kits- it’s an added perk to preorder.

I RECEIVED A SHIPPING NOTIFICATION EMAIL BUT MY PACKAGE HASN'T MOVED. We ship the kits in batches and pre-print the shipping labels to speed up the shipping process. Please allow 2-4 days from the email to see movement with your order. 

I NEED TO CHANGE THE ADDRESS FOR MY KIT. Per our kit policy once your order is placed it is finalized and cannot be changed. Please make sure your address is correct when you checkout. If there was an unexpected move please contact VB Customer Service right away to see if the address can be changed. If not, then the kit will be sent to the address that was used at checkout and it will be your responsibility to forward your mail to your new address. 

I CHANGED MY MIND AND WANT A REFUND, CAN I GET ONE? Sorry, once your order is placed kits are non-returnable and non-refundable. Please make sure you are for sure certain you want to make your purchase.