What's a Crystal VBPen? A super pretty easy to write with black gel ink (you can purchase a blue ink refill) .5MM medium ballpoint pen. It's filled with fine crystals from solid to mix depending on the design in the see-thru barrel. 

Take care of your pen with these tips. 

Pull the cap (the part with the clip and the VB logo) out to reveal the writing part of the pen. -Set the cap aside DO NOT put the cap on the top of the pen. If you do, place it loosely and not tight. There is exposed metal on the bottom of the cap which will scratch the pen when you take the cap off.  When the cap is placed tightly on the top of the pen and you remove it by twisting it back and forth the pen top will get scratched. DO NOT TWIST the cap off from the top of then pen. -If your tip of your ink didn't come with one of the wax tip stoppers don't worry! While doing the 2nd stage of quality control they sometimes fall off when taking the cap off. The ink should be perfectly fine to use, however, if you notice anything weird please send us an email. Tip: Make sure to always put the cap on when the pen is not in use.  This will help prevent the ink from drying out. 

Ready to refill the ink? Here are some tips on how to refill the ink. 

-Screw off the writing part of the pen with the tip pointing UP. There's a tiny spring inside the barrel that you don't want to lose. If you lose this piece you won't be able to use your pen anymore and it hard to put back inside the pen. Villabeautifful is not responsible for lost springs and cannot be sent to you if it is lost. 

-There are two kinds of ink refills that are available for the Crystal VBPens- one for the older pens and another for the new pens. Check which pen you are trying to replace the ink for by checking the INK REFILL listings. The old refills will not work for the new pens and vice versa. If you happen to use a new ink refill in the older pens please do this AT YOUR OWN RISK. Villabeautifful is not responsible for damaged pens if you do use the new ink refills for the older pens. It is not advised. 

Everything is sold out? Why? When can I get a VBPen? With the fast popularity of VBPens we are trying our best to get adequate stock in for new releases and for stocked permanent pens. It's going to take sometime to get ahead of stock levels but we are working on having all the permanent pens to be available at all times. Permanent pens will be available throughout 2018, limited pens are usually just seasonally and retired pens won't be making a comeback. To be notified when a restock or new release will be scheduled sign up for the SHOPVBNewsletter here, join the Facebook Group and follow shopVillabeautifful on Instagram. I always send out a newsletter at least a couple days before launch day and post in the Shop News section of the shopvb website. 

Reminder on New Release/Restock Days: It is best to shop right when the shop reopens for the sale to grab the pens you would like. The e-commerce software will not hold your items for a long time so as soon as you select what you want check out immediately. I have no control over this as it is part of the software. I also can't put a limit on how many pens people can buy. There is also no combine shipping on these days as we start shipping right when orders comes in. Because of this make sure you enter your correct shipping address.  Orders cannot be changed or canceled once they are placed

Do you have any other ink refill colors other than black or blue? At this time the only ink refill colored available are blue and black. I'm working on trying to find some colored inks for us to use in our planners. 

Are preorders available for VBPens? Sorry, at this time there isn't an option for preordering. 

Need some VBPen info? Do you need some info on your VBPens or which ones to complete your collection Or maybe which pens were limited/permanent, when did that pen launch, was it a kit pen? All these answers can be found in this spreadsheet:

Which pens are from the previous manufacturer? The pens that were released on April 13th till current day. Take a look at the VBPen Master List for a complete list. 

Why are some of the Crystal VBPens more expensive than the others? It's all about the crystals, girl! The pens that have crystals with an iridescent finish (clear or colored) or complex mixes will cost more than some of the simpler pens. 

Will ink refills be available for the older pens from the previous manufacturer? Yes, you can find them on the site here. 

I have an issue with my pen what do I do? Please contact customer service within 5 days of receiving your pen so we can take care of you right away. 

Will discontinued, limited pens or kit pens come back? Discontinued pens, no. Limited pens, maybe, so it's best to keep checking back on new release days (that's when pens get restocked). Kit pens are exclusive to their corresponding kits and don't make a comeback. 

How do I know if a VBPen is permanent, limited or discontinued? There's a few different ways for you to check on this. 1. check the masterlist 2. on the shop site title if the name doesn't have limited at the end it's permanent 3. the different categories -Current

"Here To Stay VBPens-

-Current "Stopping By" Limited VBPens-

-"Goodbye" Discontinued VBPens-

Is a VBPen included with every VBKit? Yes, and the pens are exclusive to the kits. Sometimes there could be extras after the kits get sent out but are very limited in quantity it could be 5-200. 

Are you in search of a discontinued pen or would like to sell one? Join the VillabeauTIFFul Facebook Page for the official VB BST (Buy, Sale, Trade) monthly post. 

My pen didn't have wax ink stopper at the tip of the ink point. Is the ink ok? During the last phase of quality control the stoppers at times fall out.  The ink is totally ok, if not please contact customer service and we'll take care of you.