Do you have the right brushes?

You can use the most inexpensive makeup but create wonderful results just by the quality of your brushes.  I have compiled a list of brushes from Sigma Beauty.  They are known for their value and quality of their brushes.

This is from their website

"The Sigma Makeup brand is synonymous with quality and functionality. Our products are handmade and were developed to satisfy the highest quality standards. We offer a complete line of professional brushes specifically designed to highlight eyes and face. Each brush was individually tested for performance, resistance, and durability."

 I believe in brushes they will be your BFF's, trust me.  When I was a teenager I couldn't afford good quality brushes and now that I am a makeup artist I collect brushes of all shapes, sizes and uses.  Do I use all of them in one makeup sitting or when I'm on location? No, but I just like looking at them. LOL

I have complied a list of brushes that are must have's for any makeup user of any level. I have searched high and low for makeup brushes for myself, friends and clients for affordable brushes that won't break the bank but yield great results in your makeup application.

For today I will list the eye brushes

E60 Large Shader

-packing brush for lid area

-width of brush is perfect size to do 2 pats on your lid

-use with cream, and powder products

-great brush to put on your concealer with especially underneath your eyes.

Tapered Blending

-my one brush I cannot do my makeup with

-must have blending brush

-use the tip of brush only

- do not press so hard, use in circular motion to blend

Small Angle - E65

-use for powder, cream, and or gel to apply eyeliner

-use to apply brow products

Blending - E25

-favorite brush for highlight colors

-pat and then blend into other colors to remove harsh edges

Stay tuned sometime this week I'll list my favorite face brushes.