elf cream liner vs. mac fluidline

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I have started this elf revolution with my girlfriends, seriously.  It first started when e.l.f. had their birthday sale, then finding it at Target, and now collecting everything like crazy.  As a professional makeup artist I love this brand for myself and for my clients. One of my favorite products  are the Studio Cream Eye Liners because of the color variety and the longevity of the product.  The cream liners are comparable to the MAC fluidline eye liners.  In my opinion the fluidline is a little bit thicker in consistency than the cream liners but overall the quality of both products are the same.  Both proclaim they are smudge-proof and long wearing which I totally agree. I even use these liners for lining the top (so easy to give a little wing) and bottom (yes it does stay one).   I wanted to see how many colors the fluidline comes in, it seems they have discontinued a few than when I use to work for the company.  Now they only carry 7 and elf carries 11.

If you are wondering how the colors compare to each other take a peek at the picture.   Overall both liners are great.  Have fun creating the perfect line!

 ps. If you want to check out out the cream liners in action watch some of my videos, it's practically the only eyeliners I use. :D