I've been slacking...

Hello Beauties!

First of all I wanted to say I am sorry for not blogging and posting videos like I use to.  To tell you the truth I gave up for a little bit, I thought I wasn't getting anywhere with it.  But I started to post my makeup looks on Instagram and the spark started up again.  I have been getting so many comments and support regarding my makeups that the only thing I can do is to give back to my supporters.  Going forward I will make a video tutorial from one of the popular looks from my Instagram account.  Make sure you cast your vote!

 Here's a sneak peak of a look that I will be making into a tutorial.

To all my followers thank you thank you thank you for always giving me the inspiration to do what I love and share it with others who appreciate it.  I promise I will continue to share all things... beauTIFFul with all of you.