Ciracle Enzyme Powder Wash Review

What's the secret to having a perfect complexion? People instantly say foundation is the key. Actually, in my own opinion, its all about the skincare and how you treat your skin without any makeup on. I am not a skincare savvy person as I am with makeup but I feel that skincare can be as important as the makeup you are wearing.

I've always wanted to try Korean Skincare and from my recent travel to the Philippines I saw skincare from Korea all over the place.  Recently, I was given a chance to choose a product to review from  

  a company that delivers trendy beauty, fashion and entertainment from Korea to all over the world.  The website is easy to navigate and very eye catching. The beauty section is packed with products for both men and women for different skin types and concerns.  It was very hard to choose just 1 product for me to review but after much consideration and reading descriptions of the products (which by the way are very detailed) I decided to try the

Circacle Enzyme Powder Wash

.($19.99 USD)   It's not a liquid, gel, cream or whatever else kind of cleanser you have come in contact with but this one is actual loose powder.

This is the description from the website  

Pure and Natural Enzyme Powder Cleanser

Gently wash away makeup and impurities with an instantly enzyme powder wash that softens skin while leaving it looking healthy and revitalized and feeling clean and refreshed.

If you visit the product on their website it gives you step by step instructions on how to use the product along with a nice image of the product.  When I am on the market to find a new cleanser I am always looking for one that will remove left over makeup.  Since the Ciracle Enzyme Powder states that it will remove makeup residue I wanted to see if it actually worked.  My skin is also very sensitive to harsh chemicals (my skin will dry out very easily) and I will start to break out because of certain ingredients. I really like how the website listed the ingredients for this product, knowing that it is cornstarch base I knew that it would be sensitive for my skin.  Also the label on the front of the bottle says the cleanser has Willow Bark and Papaya Extract as  ingredients which help soothe the skin when it gets irritated. 

Once I received the product I was so excited to use it! I just finished doing a MOTD (makeup of the day) for the next day that it was the perfect time to test my new cleanser. I did take off my makeup with a makeup wipe to remove a few layers of makeup.  Make sure your hands are dry before pouring some of the Ciracle Enzyme Powder in your hands or else it will create a cream-liquid consistency.  When I started cleansing my face I could feel the grains of  powder exfoliating my skin.  The powder has a slight flour smell to it but nothing too overpowering, it actually smells like something natural or organic.  Once you rub the cleanser on your face it starts to bunch up and bind together like the picture.  I cleansed my whole face which didn't take much powder and rinsed off with warm water.  Very easy and it was actually fun.  Did it take all my left over makeup? YES!!! I could see all the makeup residue that my makeup remover wipe did not take off all over my hands and staining the powder.  I am very impressed with this cleanser! I wish it was a little bit bigger or the company provided 2 different sizes because this bottle (60g) would at most last me only 1-2 months especially when I wash my face twice a day.  My boyfriend even tried it and he really likes it because it was very sensitive for his skin and his skin felt very clean.

I also wanted to mention that the back label of the Ciracle Enzyme Powder is in Korean but if you email the lovely people from the will be happy to translate for you. 

I hope you guys enjoyed my review of this amazing powder cleanser.  It is definitely added to my everyday skincare routine.

Thank you Dusan from WishCompany for letting me to review this product!