Review: Sasha Faux Lashes

I have been eying false eye lashes from


for a very long time.  I follow the Faux ladies on Instagram and I am always loving the pictures of their lashes, have to say I was a little lash jealous.  Yes, I am a false eye lash hoarder, love any style no matter how long, short, full or sparse they may be.  I will rock anything!

The day that I received a few styles of Faux Lashes I was a little girl in Barbie Heaven! Oh my gosh, they styles I received were just WOW. I couldn't wait to create some new MOTD's with these bad boys.   To add some icing on the cake, they even enclosed a little note! Amazing?! WOW! A fan of mine?!? Back atcha Faux Ladies I am a HUGE fan of yours!!!

You guys need to check out the Sasha Lash, wow! Just the right amount of length and fullness. 

Yes I know they look scary but you just wait when you pair it with a great eye look! Check it out!


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