Review: Want super straight hair? Agave Smoothing Trio to the rescue!

I have finally found a hair product that helps me achieve super straight hair.  You may not know this but I have thick naturally curly hair, it's been like this since I was a child.  I remember when I was in 2nd grade my classmates would ask me why my hair was so big for a short kid.  Hair straighteners were not popular back then or else I would be totally doing it in the 2nd grade.  Because of my unruly hair I always had short hair because I didn't know how to take care of it until high school.  Everything changes in high school and during this time hair straighteners were as popular as curling irons.

Now it's 2014 and there are so many hair products that help you get that super straight sleek hair,  I've always wanted. I was very fortunate to find Agave Oil on Instagram.  Many of my Instagram friends have been using their products and I knew that I need to give it a try and hope it works for me.  I was sent their Smoothing Trio for review and I am so happy to share it with all of you who suffer from the same hair troubles as me!


Agave Healing Oil Smoothing Trio

features three products:  - 2 oz Oil Treatment, 4 oz Smoothing Shampoo and 4 oz Smoothing Conditioner. This is a great set to try the products first to see how they work for you before committing to the larger sizes. My hair straightner is HSI and I bought it off Amazon, it's a pretty powerful little hair straightener that heats up to 400 degrees.  I do have a Chi, but it broke last week. All that hair straighteners that I've had in the past don't last very long.. probably at most 3 months.  :(  Agave Oil does have their own

Healing Vapour Iron

that I am dying to try now since I have had great results from their products. 

 My favorite product in the kit and I find that really helps get the super sleep straight hair is the oil treatment.  Ladies, a little goes a long way trust me!!! I know the scent and the super silky feeling of your hair after you apply it will make you want more, but no don't even try.  This is the best stuff!

Here is the exact write up from regarding the oil treatment:

What it is:

A non-greasy, lightweight hair oil that instantly smooths, seals, and adds shine to all hair types.

What it does:

Restore and rejuvenate unmanageable, frizzy hair with the hydrating and color-restoring sugars of the agave plant. Unlike heavy nut oils, this plant extract conditions hair with a light touch, building strength and resiliency, while helping boost vibrancy and color. Other natural botanicals like coconut, vanilla, sunflower, and safflower are blended with Madagascar baobab seed oil to nourish and transform hair’s outer layer.

 I really do not need to argue about these statements because they are all TRUE! Look at my before and afters....

 This is how my hair looks right after I blow dry it once I get out of the shower. Look how dull and frizzy my hair is especially in the front where I have naturally curly hair.  If you are wondering about my lip color it is

Aromi Beauty

Forbidden Fuchsia Liquid Matte Lipstick.

A couple of minutes later look how shiny and straight my hair is! YAY! I just add a small amount of the Agave Oil Treatment to my hands and run my hands through my hair focusing  near the front.  I usually have to do 3-4 passes with my hair straightener but with the oil I only did 1-2.  Love how the oil made the purple in my hair bright and glossy.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little review about my new must have hair product! Do you suffer from frizzy hair like I do?