Wedding: T&C in Asia - honeymoon edition!

Hello loves! I know I haven't been posting for a very long time, I always neglect my blog! Hopefully, I can jump on blogging/reviewing and sharing pictures with all of you on a daily basis again (this will include new YouTube tutorials as well) . Thank you all for being so patient! 

After 6 months of being married my husband and I finally went on our honeymoon to Hong Kong and the Philippines (Manila, Cebu and Boracay). It was such an awesome vacation and happy I was able to share my homeland with my new husband.  I've been to the Philippines 3 times already but for the MR.  It was his first. I was scared to see how he would react especially in the Philippines but to my amazement he LOVES it! He wants us to find a condo as our vacation home. Yay! We had a great time and didn't want to go back home. 

Here are some highlights from our trip 

Our first stop for 3 days was Hong Kong. 

Skyline of Hong Kong - the day was overcast with some scattered showers. Major jet lag here!

Being a beauty junkie my favorite part of Hong Kong was Sasa!!! Oh my goodness. Literally every city block had a Sasa. If you don't know what Sasa is it's best described as an Asian Sephora - different Asian beauty brands (Japanese,  Korean, Chinese) skincare, haircare, makeup, nails, etc. it was so much fun going into each one everywhere we went. The MR. was so amazed how many there were in a short radiance from each other. The picture shows some of the products that I picked up. I wanted more but knew that I had to limit myself since we still have to make it to the Philippines. 

For a week and half we spent the majority of our time in the Philippines

The view from our hotel room at the Sofitel Manila Plaza. Such a beautiful hotel outside of Makati. Can you see the Ferris Wheel? That's Mall of Asia- one of the biggest malls in Asia less than 5 min from our hotel via taxi. The big building in front is the Manila Film Centre. 

The MR. and I like history and culture we spent some time at Corrigdor and Intramueros. 

Time for some fun times on the beach! 

Cebu Movenpick beautiful grounds and hotel! It was nice to lay out on the beach and enjoy the weather. 

The last stop was of course Boracay! 

Boracay Regency Lagoon was our home for 3 days. If you stay here make sure you get the 1st level rooms so you have direct access to the pool from your balcony. It is also a short walk away to the beach. 

Look at the beautiful water and sand! The water was so warm! Spent 2 days just lounging on the beach drinking fresh mango shakes.  

Back to Manila! 

Our last night in the Philippines the Sofitel upgraded us to the top floor with a few overlooking Manila Bay and a beautiful view of the pool. 

That's our trip in a nut shell! So sad it had to end but we enjoyed every second of it. We are already planning our next trip to Europe. Can't wait! 

Wedding: T&C Honeymoon Plans


I have been getting a lot of people asking where we are going for our honeymoon! We decided we will be embarking on an Asian adventure in the beginning of 2014.  Thailand, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and finally spending a majority of the time in the Philippines.  We might need to leave some countries/cities out for our 2 week vacation but we are still excited. Can't wait to bring Cody to the homeland and have him experience my culture.  He's excited!

Cody and I would love to hear about your experience if you have traveled to this part of the world.  Maybe your favorite restaurant, or activity that you would suggest. 

We are also wanting to plan a little getaway after the wedding, maybe a 3 day vacation somewhere close by.  Haven't decided yet but thought it would be nice to relax and unwind a bit.