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There's been a lot of new things happening with me and the VILLBEAUTIFFUL brand- it's exciting! With new changes there's also a lot of work that needs to go into something successful that represents me. I'm going to be doing some small things here and there on VILLABEAUTIFFUL.COM which you probably already saw some including the new logo above. 

The new logo is for the launching of my new VILLABEAUTIFFUL Boutique which will be making her debut later this month. It's pretty things to "beautTIFFy" your planner from stickers (that I make myself ) to planner supplies and accessories. I hope one day I'll be able to include some beauty products as well. My goal is to mix my two passions in life- beauty and creativity in one. I do have something in mind and hope (my ultimate goal for myself) is to make this happen within the next 2 years.  Follow my new shop on IG @SHOPVILLABEAUTIFFUL for store promotions and new products. I can't wait to share this new phase in my life which I've been dying to do for the longest time. 

I hope VILLABEAUTIFFUL.COM will be your one stop outlet for beauty and creative paper planning inspiration. 

Talk soon! 


Tour around the new


Welcome to the new look of VILLABEAUTIFFUL.COM!!!!? Isn't it just FABULOUS?!?!?! I am so happy how everything turned out, very chic and stylish with lots of interactive activities for you to check out.

Thanks to Emma from Inspire and In Style for my gorgeous new blog! I am so impressed how Emma (who by the way is such a sweetheart) created something that is so me, and took the time to get to know me and deliver what I wanted.   Sometimes you just know when something is just right, when a connection is meant to be - this is how I felt with Emma when I found her on Instagram.  Everything went smoothly from the 1st phrase down to the very final detail - she did everything! :D

Her design boards from past clients really caught my eye on Instagram.  Now it's my turn to show-off mine!

Yes I know, it's drop dead gorgeous!

Yes I know, it's drop dead gorgeous!

Some new things for all of you to check out.

MAIN NAVIGATION TOOLBAR - You will see basic categories for you to navigate through the website including a contact link to email me.

LETS CONNECT! - Click each icon to follow me on all the popular Social Media sites. If you only wanted to choose 3 SM (social media) sites I would say Instagram ( I post daily here), Facebook and YouTube (you have been warned .. I am a Youtube slakcer but I will be up and running soon).

MY MOTD STYLE - This page will pull all of the posts pertaining to MOTDS's so it's easy to check out daily inspiration and how to do each one.Thank you Emma from from Inspire and In Style for my beautiful blog! Having a blog like this just makes me want to blog all the time now for all of you.  Please subscribe and let all your friends know about the new and improved

MOTD PIN IT GALLERY - This is such a cool area that Emma thought of, this is where you can pin looks and pictures to your own Pinterest Gallery. Some picture (random MOTD,  DIY projects, beauty products, etc) will be pulled from my Instagram account so it will be very easy for you to pin

LIFESTYLE - This is one of the newest categories that I decided to start blogging about since I have been showing more and more interest in home decor since I got married.   In this category you will find anything from recipes, living, home decor, and my personal life.  I hope you guys will enjoy these posts. 

REVIEWS & SWATHES - Need some info about certain makeup products and need to see what the product actually looks like? Look no further, this is where you will find swatches/reviews of some of my favorite products.

TAG INDEX - I really want to be easy to navigate to find whatever you are looking for in snap and to explore tops.  The Tag Index includes a list of all my posts with their tags in alphabetical order. Look for your topic (tag) click and all the posts that include that topic will be listed.  Need some info on "nude lips" look no further, it's just a click away.

IN MY KIT - This is where you will find all the posts regarding products in my PRO makeup kit.  As a makeup artist I am always on the lookout for products or tools that will make my job easier.  You will also find DIY beauty projects in this category such as homemade brush cleaner, DIY lip palettes, etc. If you want to know how to make something let me know!

CREATIVITY - I love anything that has to do with makeup and beauty but my secret obsession is crafting, to be more specific paper crafting (project life, card making, etc). This is another new category that I am bringing to and I really hope you will follow me on my new creativity journey.  I will be mainly focusing on my Filofax (planner) and how I decorate it (planning pages, DIY journal cards, etc). Because this is so new to me, I think, I am more excited about this category than anything else.

YOUTUBE VIDEO SCROLL BAR - This is probably one of my favorite features of my site.  It features my Youtube videos for you to watch without leaving my site.  So sit back, watch and be inspired. Yes, I need new videos... they are coming...

INSTAGRAM SLIDESHOW - I am an Instagram addict! You can view all my current posts in this little space.

RECENT POSTS PHOTO SLIDER - The slider is found on the bottom of the blog, easy access to jump to the different blogs by the main picture.

Now go and explore the site! Please leave me comments and let me know how you guys like everything :D