Wedding: Tiffany and Cody Save The Dates

I know this is not makeup/beauty related but I just had to blog about it.

If you don't know already I am getting married this year, hence the lack of MOTD's and tutorials.  It has been crazy planning everything but it's going smoothly.

I am very crafty/creative person who love to make things.  I knew that our wedding had to have some personalized touches to make things more "us."

My first project was our Save The Dates.  I am posting this after our guests have received them in the mail so it doesn't spoil the surprise.   I am sooooooooo happy how they turned out! Our family and friends are just loving them!

The T&C cartoon was made by

JordyLuxe Digital Portraits..

  I found Jordan while I was browsing around ETSY.  I am such an ETSY bride! As soon as I saw these cute lil cartoons I knew Cody and I had to have one of our own.  Jordan can customize your cartoon however you want and she can even add pets or backgrounds to your cartoon.

I sent Jordan a picture of our engagement picture for her to copy our outfits in our main picture.  She copied in full detail from the little buttons on Cody’s jacket to my pearl necklace.

I used the cartoon to make magnets I attached with a cutout piece of kraft cardstock (thank goodness for my Cricut!) and placed them on top of the save the date.  I also added a pop up sparkly heart!

 I would totally recommend this if you wanted something personal and unique for your wedding, greeting cards or something just for fun.

Now it's time to work on the invites ... :)

Engagment pictures taken by

Jade Ehlers Photography 

The Cutest Brush Roll EVER!

I love supporting independent shop owners who make their own handmade goods like the ones you can find on


.  Recently I have been addicted to Etsy, all these cute things that I want to buy.  For the past several year I have been on the lookout for the PERFECT brush roll.  You might be wondering what is the perfect brush roll in my eyes? Well, I must have lots and lots of pockets to hold my valuable tools.  Pockets not only for different size brushes but  for must have products that I use on all my clients such as eye liners, eyelash glue, setting spray in a small travel size bottle and etc.  A protected flap that would protect my brushes when they were not in use. Many brush organizers out there are belts.  I am a petite filipino girl and a belt loaded up with brushes weighs me down.  Even when I worked for MAC I did not wear my brush belt around my waist instead I wore is over my shoulder like a messenger bag.  Even if the organizer wasn't a belt it would be a roll but it wouldn't be able to hold all my brushes. Yes, I could just bring a few brushes with my when I am on location but I like to be prepared.  It's hard when you have a big wedding party, doing makeup one after the other and having to clean your 1 set of brushes after each person.  I rather put away the dirty brushes to clean at a later time when I am not busy and start on the new client right away.  Being in the industry for over 10 years I have not found anything that met my standards but I knew someday I would be able to find something.

Ever since I found the wonderful site Etsy, I have a been a big fan of Lotus from

asoftblackstar on Etsy

.  She makes

makeup brush rolls,  makeup bags, flat irons,  and jewelry cases with cute fabrics that can match your personality.  I happened to browse through her store and BEHOLD a brush belt that looked like it would be big enough to hold all my makeup goodies... BUT it was a belt and you know how I feel about belts.  I send Lotus a message via Etsy for a custom made brush roll, instead of a belt if she can design a roll.  Lotus is so sweet and wonderful, she asked questions to determine and needs and wants that I had, listened, created and delivered!  For the fabric I chose a pink and white polka dot inside with cheetah print for the pockets and the outside

. I am so happy how my roll turned out.

It is advised that you spray the brush roll with Scotch Guard before you use it, to make it stain and water resistant.  It's great because if it gets dirty you can just throw it in the wash.  Since my special request Lotus is now offering this design as a regular item in her shop.  For all the makeup artists out there.. YOU NEED THIS! Cute and functional! 

Here are some pics... ENJOY!  

This is what it looks like when it's rolled up.  

Unrolled and ready to use!

close up of the roll