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Review: City Color Cosmetics Matte Lipstick and Dual Lip Wand

Incredible matte lipsticks for $1.99??? Um, YES PLEASE!  I am always on the lookout for matte lipsticks.  It's always hard to find some out there that are not the department store prices.  There are 18 beautiful shades to choose from - the two that I have are Red and Mauve.  The lipsticks do have a fragrance, reminds me of cherry chapstick :) You can tell by the swatches that the color intensity is full impact opaque coverage. Mauve is not as bright as it looks in the swatch but look at the red such a glam color.

Dual Lip Wand

Another product that I wanted to share with all of you is the

Dual Lip Wand

in Magenta. My makeup bag is filled with lipsticks and lip glosses but now I have a 2-in-1 product a lipstick with the matching lip gloss.  No more loose lipsticks and lip glosses! The lipstick portion is a smooth light gloss finish very similar to a lustre finish from MAC.  It is not as opaque as the Matte Pipsticks but gives good long lasting coverage.  This lipstick, just like the Matte Lipsticks has a Cherry Chapstick fragrance.  The gloss portion is very sheer  and complements the lipstick very well.  You will find 12 different shades to wear with different looks.

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Nude Lips Are Always A Favorite

 My all time favorite look is a smokey eye with a nude lip which you can always find celebrities wearing.  There is just something about a nude lip that always grabs my attention. I always get asked about how to achieve the perfect nude lip.  If not done right a nude lip will may you look like your dead.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when shopping for a nude color that will fit you.

  • find a shade that is about 2 shades of your natural lip color or 1 shade lighter.  If you go too light it will make you look washed out.  If you go darker than it's really not a nude lip anymore 
  • Before applying your lipstick apply a lip balm for the lipstick to glide on your lips better.  Also exfoliate by using a little bit of sugar to scrub off some of the dry skin. 
  • A lip liner is a must when wearing a nude lip color.  You want your lips to be defined and not to blend in with the rest of your face.  When choosing the right lip liner find a shade that is close to your natural lip line.  Line your lips to create shape and definition and softly fill it in.  When your lipstick begins to fade it will fade evenly and at the same time prevent feathering.
  • Blush

Here are some of my favorite nude (either beige or pinky) lipsticks that work for me. (NC40-42 MAC Foundations med/dark skintone)

  • MAC Nude Beige Lipsticks use with MAC Oak Lip Liner
    •  Siss (MAC stores only), Viva Glam Gaga 2, Creme d' Nude, Myth, Frenzy 
    • MAC Nude Pink Lipsticks use with Subculture Lip Liner 
      • Creme Cup, Angel, Shy Girl, Modesty, Blankety, Cherish, Hue, Viva Glam Gaga, Hug Me 
  • MAC Lipglosses/Lustreglass/Creme Sheen
    • C-Thru, Underage, Florabundance, Viva Glam Gaga2, Prrr
    • Instant Gold, Luminary, Sinnamon
    • Fashion Scoop, Partial to Pink, Boy Bait, Fashion Whim
  • Smashbox  use with Light Nude Pencil 
    • Charming, Splendid Lipsticks
    • Pixel, Aura Lip Enhancing Gloss 
    • Enduring, Infinite and Limitless Limitless Long Wear Lip Gloss
  •  Revlon - Soft Nude (more nude than pink but deff not totally nude) with Peach Petal Lip Gloss.  I really love this combination for a drug store brand nude lip. 
  • Wet n Wild - 901B and  903C)

e.l.f. Neutral Glossy Gloss Swatches

I will admit I am a BIG lip gloss addict.  I am always on the lookout for a great lip gloss out there and I do have some favorites.  The e.l.f. Glossy Glosses are my favorite glosses that have no shimmer nor do they have that tacky feeling on your lips.  I bought one gloss just out of curosity, to see if the description and the reviews were actually true.  YES! Finally a lip gloss that does not make my lips peel after I put it on. Not only do you get lots of high impact shine but nice full color as well.   The only thing that bugs me is the smell/taste; smells like grape.  I hate things that smell on my face, but I can live with that.  I always wear neutral colors on my lips because I like to make my eyes dramatic.  But, I am going to buy some of the brighter colors just to have.  Here are some swatches of the colors that I have added to my lip gloss collection.



Glossy up Ladies!!