Dream Day Style Challenge dream day style

What's your dream day style? I remember asking myself this question a little over 1.5 years ago (ok maybe it's like 5) when I was planning my wedding.  It's a tough process and you want to make sure your style reflects YOU and your future mate.  What helped me determine my overall style (theme) of the wedding was my venue.  A Hamptons like vintage wedding placed in the Northwest was something that I wanted to capture especially since our venue was at country club setting (Seattle Tennis Club) located on Lake Washington.  Everything turned out prefect! To take a peek at my wedding click  TIFFCODYWEDDING818 (clicking the link will bring up a page with all the wedding related posts.  The professional photos are a must!).

Not lets focus on right now ... it's been over a year and couple of days since our wedding day and we recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary (Aug. 18th) and I still think about our wedding.  I was approached by to create a styleboard featuring one of their dresses in their shop that would be appropriate (and of course fit my style) to a selected venue.  

Set Your Scene

Which venue would you have chosen? The beach wedding was my 2nd choice and we actually planned on getting married in Hawaii.  However, I  just wasn't feeling it, it wasn't calling my name or saying PICK ME PICK ME.  The rustic wedding, well it's just not me.  So the city wedding was it!  This venue totally reflected my style and us as a couple.  I'm a city gal and we (Cody and I) actually live in the city so it was natural for me to be drawn to the picture.  

As I was scrolling through the beautiful dresses on to find the "perfect" one for my city soiree I came across a dress from Claire Pettibone.  If you know your wedding dresses- Claire Pettibone is the queen of lace back dresses and I bet you have seen her dresses all over Pinterest.  If my wedding dress wasn't custom made I would have totally gotten one of her dresses.  They are detailed and oh so lovely, elegant and simply stunning.  The dress that I chose was the Eloquence dress with gold scalloped lace with platinum silk sheath overlay. It totally  yelled GATSBY GATSBY with a romantic feel.  OH then it clicked! City venue (art museum, penthouse, rooftop deck, trendy downtown hotel) with a Great Gatsby theme? YES please! If I were to get married again I would totally go for an art deco inspired wedding.  The 1920's were such a glamorous era that was chic and classy at the same time.  Wouldn't this be a great wedding for the fall time around Halloween with the rich golden and deep burgundy hues of the season? Or as a NYE celebration with all your close friends and family to bring in the New Year with a traditional black and gold color scheme and touches of glitter!  As soon as I picked the dress and the venue everything else fell into place with accessories, color scheme, and beauty.  I, of course, had to add some beauty into the styleboard.  A deep red lip with lashes and neutral toned shadows- that is classic 1920's!

Take a peek at my evening city Gatsby wedding! You can find everything on as your one stop wedding BFF to help you plan your wedding! Browse through the thousands of dresses and bridal inspirations right here.

I made the styleboard on ... I am an addict! Super easy and fun!  I will be creating some beauty styleboards.  Please let me know what you would like to see.  I am thinking of a bridal beauty styleboard, or a fall beauty trends.  Keep an eye for those.  

I hope you guys love my Dream Day Challenge styleboard! Share your thoughts about wedding themes or how you incorporated your own style into your wedding.  Can't wait to hear all about them.