Wedding: Tiffany and Cody Professional Photos

One of my favorite pictures 

One of my favorite pictures 

I am so excited to share with you our professional photos from our photographers Jade and Kaitlin Ehlers.  They are the same photographers that shot our engagement pictures as well.   They captured our wedding beautifully and I couldn't be happier.  Have fun viewing our photos! 

Just some details:

  • the locket had a picture of my mom and dad when they got married.  I lost my dad to cancer when I was 14 years old and I wanted to make sure I included him in every aspect of my wedding day.  I also included a gardenia which reminded me of him in my bouquet. 
  • I designed the wedding invitations with a friend who is a graphic designer.  The suite includes a vellum envelope with a wax seal that I had custom made with our monogram. 
  • My heels for the night are by Betsy Johnson 
  • The bridesmaid totes were made by me including the tag 
  • My wedding dress was custom made by John John Ditching from the Philippines.  It was super heavy but I love how it just glistened in the sun light. The fabric came from Italy and it was hand beaded with flower embroidery. I also had a reception dress that was custom made as well.  This one was all lace with a detachable skirt that I can take off for dancing later in the night. So happy my mom gave me the idea of a 2nd dress because with the heat and how heavy my 1st dress I don't know if I would survive the rest of the night. The bridesmaid dresses were designed by me and also made from the same designer. I picked out the fabric in LA and had it sent over.  I fell in love with the lace and color even before I set a date.  I just had to have it! 
  • The guy's suites are from J.Crew.  
  • Our wedding bands are from Tiffany & CO. Cody really wanted them to say T&C which fits us perfectly. 
  • The table numbers were all DIY projects by me.  I bought the frames from Dollar Tree, spray painted, added scrapbook book paper and cut us a vinyl number with my Cricut. 
  • The place cards for the guest were also a DIY project which took me forever because I couldn't decide what I wanted to do.  I decided vintage postcards would be cute.  I ordered vintage stamps from Etsy that included some from the US and the Philippines. 
  • Our T&C mailbox for our cards was something that I always wanted to do.  I found the toy mailbox at an antique store, painted it blue and added all the embellishments.  Now it sits in our living room. :)  I can't give it away. 
  • I wanted to have a cute sign that directed the guests to all the rooms and happenings for the night.  The sign was designed by me and put together by my friend who helped me with the invites. I also included a sign near the photobooth as well. 
  • The photobooth/guestbook was one of the biggest DIY projects I decided to take on for the wedding.  It took me 1 full month (doing it almost every day) to put together a 30 page custom scrapbook where our guests can leave little notes and a copy of their photo booth strip.  I am so proud how this turned out.  Every page is different, all with hidden pockets for the guests to leave their mark and a vintage theme all throughout the book. 
  • Our wedding toppers were customized wooden pegs from Etsy.  I then added makeup products and a Playstation controller to represent US. 
  • My mom and I did a mother/daughter surprise number.  Since I lost my father I wanted to do something fun with my mom.  We did a medley of dances from past songs to modern and it was all professionally choreographed by my aunt.  It was so much fun and big hit! 

I always wanted to customize my wedding to reflect me and Cody and I think I did exactly that and more.  I couldn't be happier on how things turned out.  Please let me know if you want to see more pics or if you have questions on some of the projects.