Review: The Color Workshop Drama Queen Complete Makeup Collection

With the gift-giving season fast approaching you will see a lot of sets out there. I remember when I was younger Santa would always have a makeup set for me to play with (I think this is why I am a makeup artist today).  The older I got family members would always gift me with makeup sets, which I totally loved.   I prefer sets than individual products - better value for everything that you get. Also usually when you purchase sets all the colors and products work together, this is another added plus!

The next couple of days I will be featuring some holidays sets from The Color Workshop.  Affordable sets you can gift to any makeup addict new or old.

The first set is the Drama Queen 20 Piece Makeup Collection.  YES! 20 pieces, with all the colors working with each other.  If you follow me regularly you know I love PURPLE! I literally have in infatuation with purple shadows. I think this set was made for me hahahaha, not really but I can dream it was.

Let me show you through pictures! FYI All pictures are taken with flash except for the eye shadows and the swatches.   The shadows and swatches were taken in the daylight, it's a little dark and gray here in Seattle. 

How the package would look like in the store.  Organized and ready to be wrapped!

This the whole complete set which includes 6 eye shadows, purple liquid and pencil liner, lipstick and complimentary blush palette.  You can store all your new makeup in the makeup bag which holds everything nicely.

 These are the 6 eye shadows you receive in the kit.  A majority of them are different shades of purple with 1 being in the blue tones.  The ones with the shimmer top coat do disappear once you dip your brush in it and use up the top layer (eye shadow 4 bottom left) and 5 (bottom center).  You can really create a variety of eye shadow looks from natural to smokey dramatic.  


From the swatches you can tell they are pigmented and stay true to color.  I did use the Urban Decay Primer Potion before swatching. The shadows are a satin to a matte finish for these colors. More warmer shades of purples with some pinks in there too. For me I would use these shadows for more a day look - simple and natural hued.


Now for these shadows they are more cooler toned - lilacs to deeper purples.  The blue duo shadow actually swatched to be more purple! These shades would be lovely for more of a dramatic looks - colorful smokey eyes 

 Swatches from top to bottom


- The color was a bit more purple than pink (lighting turned it more pink).  Very creamy and opaque.  For neutral eyes this would be great but for a smokey eye I probably would turn it down a little. 

Liquid Eyeliner

- Ok this eyeliner is AMAZING! The color is gorgeous, something I have never seen before.  Also it stayed on sooo well, I kept rubbing and rubbing and it stayed on. 

Pencil Eyeliner

- I love the color, it off sets the lighter color of the liquid liner.  The eyeliner applies unevenly and I had to go back and forth to create a deeper pigmented line.  Even when I kept going back and forth I still didn't get the desired line I wanted.  Also the liner felt waxy on my hand.

 The blush trio palette is beautiful! I really like the range of colors they included in this trio. You will defintely need to apply the blush with the brush that is provided because it's hard to use a regular blush brush.  I even combined the colors and it looks lovely! 

The blushes are also pigmented - will work with a variety of skin tones.

Can you believe this set is only $4.99??? YES?!?! WOW! You can find The Color Workshop sets at Walmart!

What do you think of this set? Will have another set featured tomorrow!


I was given this set from the company for my review.  All reviews are my honest opinion.