#ListersGottaList April Challenge


LISTERS GOTTA LIST! As a planner, I am consistently writing lists- grocery lists, to-do lists, shopping lists, etc. Why not take "lists" to a whole new level? Cory AKA THERESETGIRL has done exactly that.  Cori, is a favorite Instagramer of mine (as well as many others) and has created #listersgottalist a 30 day list challenge. Everyday there is a different prompt for you to create your list. Think of it as memory keeping (scrapbooking) but in list form.  For more info on the #listersgottalist 30 day challenge check out Cori's YouTube tutorial here which she explains in more details what the list challenge is all about and her website dedicated to #listersgottalist here (there's also a challenge sheet and heaters you can download). 


Over the weekend I got all my supplies ready and made my little notebook to create all my lists. It doesn't have to be a notebook like mine (Midori insert blank pages notebook which I made myself) but can be a spiral notebook, 3-ring binder, notepad, pieces of scrap paper stapled together. Basically anything! Check out the other supplies I'll be using to decorate my pages to feature my lists. If you would like to see how I made my notebook let me know! It was very easy to create the basic notebook.  Use your creative skills and some of your favorite craft supplies to make the cover unique. 


This is what the inside looks like of my Listers Gotta List notebook.  The left picture features the inside cover the the 1st page. The printable prompts list makes a easy reference to see what's to come for the next day. You can download the prompts on www.listersgottalist.com. On the other side I attached a Project Life card with a cute quote and some embellishments for a welcome page. I decided I wanted to use blank paper when I created my DIY notebook. I wanted to keep it blank with no grids or lines so I have an open space to create. To keep all my DIY embellishments like the gold numbers and the printed header prompts I made a long envelope with the help of my Silhouette Portrait. Man, I love my little machine. It does everything! I think I'll stop right here so we can chit-chat about that late. I again, embellished it to match the overall theme of the notebook. 


Here are just some supplies I'll be using to decorate my pages for the different Listers Gotta List prompts. 

STICKERS- any type of stickers you can embellish with. I like girly, bright colored, glitter dazzled things. EPHEMERA/DIE-CUTS I collect these type of scrapbooking elements. I usually make my own using my Silhouette Portrait or I purchase them from scrapbooking/craft sites (Blitsy, TheInkRoad, Scrapbook.com). NUMBERS This is totally optionals but I wanted something that would be the same on all the pages. I thought numbers would be perfect! I used my Silhouette Portrait with the Print and Cut feature and then ran the numbers (I printed them on my Laser Printer) with gold foil through my Minc. Machine. I love gold, if you didn't know that. STAMPS Here are just a couple of my favorite Studio L2E Stamps that would be great to add lines to the pages along with some decorative stamps. PROJECT LIFE CARDS / SCRAP PAPERS can be used as layering pieces or to write your lists on. POST ITS and STICKY NOTES write quotes, memories, or other important things. HEADER PROMPTS these can be found on www.listersgottalist.com. Cori made them available to download and print for you connivence. I imported the PDF file into the Silhouette Designer Studio and made boxes around each one, and then print and cut on clear label paper so a see-thru look when I use them on my pages. WASHI TAPES these decorative tapes can really help make your pages come alive. The different patterns, and finishes (glitter, foil) can give an overall theme. I have so many to choose from it's always hard to narrow down my favorites for a layout.  

I hope you guys can join me on this list adventure! Make sure you tag me I would love to see what all of you create! 

On a side note... Even though I may not blog as much I'm still very active on Instagram (currently only the villabeautifful_creates which is geared towards creative things). I've always been fond of paper crafting and right now it's my main focus over makeup.  I guess doing makeup for so many years I just needed change. Right now, it's crafting. Will it change back? Probably! But, for now, I'll play with my washi tape, Heidi Swapp Minc Foil Machine over eye shadow and lipsticks. Don't get me wrong, you will occasionally see makeup posts... so don't feel that I have completely left makeup out of life. :)