My Favorite False Eye Lashes Model 21

I have been in the beauty industry for about 10 years already, I love it.  There's so much out there to play, touch and feel the possibilities with color and textures, there is never a dull moment.

For those of you that have been following me either on YouTube,, Instagram or Facebook you notice I always wear falsies!.  I love false lashes!!  I think of them as the finishing touches to your makeup, like the frosting on a cake.  It just adds that extra piece of glam. 

I am always looking for the best value on makeup products especially items that you use daily or if you are a makeup artist products you use on clients.  I came across the eye lashes by Model21 Eyelashes on ebay a couple years ago, but wished they had their own website I could order from.  Just last year while I was searching the web I cam across their very own site. Hooray! Here are some points why I love these lashes so much.

  • 10 pairs of Model 21 falsies in one box
  • Free shipping with orders of 3 box eyelashes or more (USA) They also take international orders, different shipping rates apply.
  • Free 1 box with purchase of 4 or more (same brand) The free lash is selected for you.

 I had a client/friend of mine wear these on her honeymoon in Aruba.  She went out swimming and she still had her lashes on!  Also shipping is fast, no waiting around for these lashes to arrive.

Below you will find some of the styles that I have ordered in the past.  On their website its hard to see the styles up close. Also I have enclosed some pics of me wearing the lash so you can see what they actually look like on.

Model 21 Eyelashes 1T, 2T, & 3M28

Model 21 Eyelashes 6T, 16T, & 17T

Model 21 Eyelashes 19, 25, & 27T

Model 21 Eyelashes 31, 40, & 63

I really like to design my own lashes by layering on different styles on top of each other, you can create so many different type of styles.  If you are wondering about my different eye looks you can find my Makeup Of the Day's on my Tumblr blog or on Instagram.

You will be taken directly to the model 21 website 

Have fun! Let me know if you need some help deciding! :)

False Eyelashes