My Makeup Vanity/Storage/Armoire

Over a year ago my boyfriend and I moved in together, buying a condo in the city.  I love living in the city but finding room to fit both of our "things" in a 850 sq ft condo was very tricky.  I will admit I had a lot of "things" from clothes, makeup, and craft supplies scattered all over the condo, which then made our place look cluttered.  The biggest problem was my makeup collection and not having a place for me to sit down and get ready.  The lighting in the bathroom wasn't so great, I love doing makeup in natural daylight.  When we moved in I took over a little corner near the dining room table with all my plastic storage containers.  The boyfriend hated looking at all my makeup scattered all over the dining room table and not having  a place to eat.  Our 2 week project was set into action.  Both of us searched everywhere for something that would be practical, functional and at the same time look amazing out in the open in our condo.  I came across a website called


, a gentleman made a vanity makeup armoire for his hairstylist girlfriend.  They too had the same problem as ours, small space but need stylish storage. We twerked the design a little to fit all my needs; a place for me to get ready, storage for all my makeup and a nice area for me to do makeup on clients when they come over. 

I am completely in LOVE with the final outcome of my own little area, it is everything I ever wished for.  It took many trips back and forth to Ikea and a hefty amount of $$$ but it was all worth it.  This couldn't have been done without my loving, supportive boyfriend who puts up with me and my makeup collection.  Hope you enjoy my pictures!

The makeup armoire consist of 2 bookshelf type storage.  At Ikea you can customize the side of the frame, size, drawers, wood, and etc. The smaller unit with the mirror is where I have my clients sit in front of.  I use the top of the unit as a table to lay out all my products I will be using.  The mirror is a great add on for clients to see their new look. 

Behind the longer door is where you will find the "vanity" portion of my makeup booth.  The lights are powered by an outlet behind the unit, the boyfriend drilled a hole to wire the plugs to the back.  There is also a working power strip inside for me to plug in my curling iron and hair straightener, it is also wired to the outlet in the back of the unit.  The pull out table is so handy, and the magnetic brush board makes everything clutter free.  

The drawers filled with all sorts of makeup goodness! My palettes are organized by a CD/DVD liner to make the palettes stand.  

This is what is inside of the 2nd smaller unit.  Basically supplies, and surplus/brand new makeup.  The white storage containers are filled with MAC pigments.  

Can't forget my Zuca and MAC briefcase for on-location work.  I'll post pictures later of all the makeup that's inside this little guy. 

Now you know why I am so in love with my makeup armoire.  

Let me know what you guys think.