Spring Cleaning

Look for a new blog layout soon! I was getting sooo bored with the current one and I thought it would be a nice change.

Last weekend I was cleaning out my makeup collection but didn't make much progress.   I usually cycle through my makeup.  This means I have 1 drawer with all my products that I use on a daily basis excluding the makeup that I use for MOTD (those are stored in the regular collection). So the "everyday drawer" has products from fall and winter now it's time to add some color with soft pastels and brighter washes of color to the drawer.  The past season colors go back to the collection to be brought back towards the end of the year.  My makeup collection is pretty heavy, I am a hoarder I will admit. I do not even use all of it, many products still in boxes and I do give a lot of it away to friends.  (hint hint... giveaway coming soon :) ) I do have a professional kit that always needs replenishment every couple of months due to wear and tear from on location events.  I love makeup enough said... lol

The clutter.. and it's still like this.. At least it's just 1 drawer