Nails: Sally Hansen Jewel Overcoat

My other obsession is glitter nail polish, actually anything that is glittery is an obsession of mine. lol. It seems like all the major nail polish brands out there are coming out with their own type of huge chuck hexagon glitter top coats.  I love it! I was first hooked when OPI by Sephora first launched the gold one ( Only Gold For Me) for the holiday season.  As a makeup artist I always want to make sure my nails are always presentable, and this polish sure grabbed a lot of attention.  I then added the silver top coat (Flurry Up) to my ever so growing nail polish collection.  But I wanted more, and more of this type of top coat.  I searched high and low and bought a few from OPI, China Glaze and Essie, but you know I just wanted more and more.  I think of makeup and nail polish like shoes - you just don't have 1 pair but various different styles and colors to accommodate your outfit this is the same with your nails and makeup.. Oh lets not forget your hair as well.

I was strolling around my local Walgreens for my weekly drugstore haul and low and behold!! WOW! Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Jewel Overcoat in pretty colors. MUST GET ALL, so I did. lol.

You cannot beat the price, buy 1 ($4.99) get 2nd for 50% off.

The collection is very bridal inspired. There are 4 jewel overcoats and then 4 regular nail polishes. Here are the jeweled colors:

 501 - Ring-a-Ding

*favorite, pretty with orange or light pink polish*

 503 - Muti-Faceted

*favorite, love the black, blue and silver glitters* 

505 - Let's Dance!

*pretty, it's like glitter rain on your nails*

507- White Veil   

 *was dissapointed in this one which the white sparkles showed up more looks more like white sand which chunks of larger gold hexagon glitter*

 I have very short nails, so I decided to do the swatches on a fake nail that I painted with white nail polish. Excuse my mess up on the Ring-a-ding nail and the Multi-Faceted.. :/ I was in the process of gluing down the fake nail then I pressed too hard on the tip of the nail glue that it broke and the nails were still wet. Perhaps I should stick to being a makeup artist.   Oh well, so sorry!

I hope you enjoy my nail polish swatches I'll be doing more of these in the future!!!