Review: The Color Workshop Art of Eye Makeup Set

Today I am bringing you another great set from The Color Workshop. The Art of Eye Makeup Set features all eye products to create a variety of eye looks from natural to deep dark smokey.  Just like the previous set the colors are cool and warm to cater to different skin tones and to play with different makeup styles.   If you have someone on your holiday lists that likes to play with their eye makeup this set is just for them even if they are just beginning  with their skills or advanced. 

Let me break down the set for you.  No filters were used with the pictures but I did use my ring light for light.  It's been hard to take some great shots here in Seattle .. dark and gray all the time. 

The set comes with two compacts each with 9 shadows.  One set is more warm (golden undertone shades) and the other more cool (blues, and purples). There are also 4 Jumbo Eye Crayons, 4 Metallic Liquid Liners and 1 Mascara. 

 This is the cooler toned palette with frost/shimmer to matte finishes. Look how beautiful the printed top of the frosty/shimmer shadows are! I noticed after you use the first layer (the first layer has the most shimmer) that it is not as shimmery as it was before. The shadows though are very pigmented! I did not use an eye shadow primer to do these swatches.  For an inexpensive set the shadows are very impressive.

 Now for the warmer eye shadow palette - again I am loving the pigmented shadows!! Look how well they went on - not streaky at all. Even the lightest shade (ivory/beige) showed up nicely on my skin tone.  This would be a beautiful palette for green/hazel eyes as these shades will really enhance the coloring. 

 Here are the Jumbo Eye Pencils which can be used as an eye shadow base.  I didn't find the pencils to be very pigmented, they did however glide on very well.  The swatch above is just one glide of the pencil.  You can barely see the gold on on my skin with the two lighter colors looking a little chalky.  The blue shade did stand out against my skin tone though, would be nice to use as base with the cool based eye shadow palette.

Now I was really happy with these liquid metallic liners! Look how gorgeous they went on and I wish my camera captured the soft sparkle in each of them.  Even the black was like a gunmetal metallic sheen.  It was really nice how they offered liners to match with the eye shadow palettes.  I would have loved to see a purple, but that's just me I love anything purple! The applicator was very easy to apply the liner. Usually flimsy applicators do not give straight lines but this one did. Overall really pleased with these.

 Regrettably, I was not able to try this mascara because it was all dried up when I opened it up. :( 

I like the brush but too bad I wasn't able to try out the formula.  

The makeup bag that came with this set is too cute! Very roomy for all your favorite makeup products. 

I hope you guys like my review on The Color Workshop Art of Eyes Makeup Set! You can find it at Walmart for around $9.99 - also the company told me that as Christmas approaches they do mark them down so you can probably find all these sets as at great price! 

Have fun shopping!

DISCLAIMER: This set was sent to me by the company.  The review is my honest opinion of the products.