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Review: The Color Workshop Triple Play Train Case

I hope all of you have enjoyed my reviews regarding The Color Workshop Holiday 2013.  It was a lot of fun taking pictures and swatching the products for you, but I am not done yet! :)  One last set to share and this one is the big one!! Seriously, look at this set for only $24.99!!! YES!  I would really recommend this kit to the makeup ethusiast who is just starting out with makeup who's on a budget but would like something affordable.  With the past sets that I reviewed I have been overall very impressed with the products.  There's always the mindset that inexpensive makeup is not good makeup - because it's "cheap" their is lack of pigmentation and longevity.  This is not entirely true with many affordable brands out there.  People just need to give them a try!  As a makeup artist I am always on the hunt for good, affordable makeup for everyone from beginner to advanced.  With that being said, The Color Workshop is on my list for affordable brands to look for.

Now, I think it's time to show you the Triple Play Train Case through my pictures.  These photos have no filters or have not been altered in any way.  Pictures are taken in natural day light (thank goodness there's some sun in Seattle today!).

The train case is like a mini makeup briefcase or you can call it a traveling jewelry box filled with makeup!  The case is very sturdy and made very well.  When you open the case up there are 3 sections - lets go over these sections in more detail.

First Tray - Eye Shadows:

  The top tray are all eye shadows, 34 different colors/finishes to pick from.  The trays all the products sit in are plastic and a bit flimsy. This should only concern you if you plan on taking the trays out of the case. Just like from my previous post the shimmer overlays on the shadows do tend to disappear right after you use them for the 1st time.  Even with the shimmer overlay the shadows are still pigmented as you will see from the swatches.  However, I did find that the non-shimmery/frosty shades in this set did not have as much color payoff as the rest.  You will see from the swatches the matte shades compared to the shimmer/frosty ones as they really stand out with high pigmentation.


The swatches are broken up by diagonal column.  A sheer application of eye shadow primer was applied before each swatch.  Also each swatch was only applied once unless otherwise noted.

 For the white, silver and black I added the lonely 1 shadow at the end of the tray with these guys. Look how pigmented that frosty white is!! I did have to swatch the matte black about 2-3 times just for it to go deep dark for the camera to pick up.  I wasn't feeling the browns/golds they were very muted on my skin tone.

I really like the greens in this set! See how much the shimmer shadows stand out? Now for the pinks they kinda got lost except for the first frosty shade.  The last pink shade is a matte, I had to apply this several times but still no go for the camera. 

 The first shade for the top row (darker browns) did not show up at all on my skin tone.  The color was supposed to be a beige/bisque tone, it is a matte shade so this could be why.  Again, I find that the shimmer/frosty shades were better pigmented than the other finishes (this is my opinion).  Look at how vibrant the pinks are though!!! You will find the brighter colors have better color payoff.

For the purples I did find the darker purple (3rd swatch) to be a tad bit chalky and did not apply as smooth as the others.  Lets really talk about the blues!!! WHOA! Totally in love, need I say more? I think the picture explains it all. :) 

Did they save the best for last? GAH! AMAZING! I really like these colors together and the pigmentation is top notch! I will be doing a MOTD (makeup of the day) with these colors on my Instagram so make sure you follow me to see the look. From the picture it looks like the deep bluish/purple shadow is matte but actually it is not.  It has a little bit of reddish-pinkish sparkle very pretty!

Second Tray - Cream Eyeliners, Lip Glosses, Blushes and Shimmer Highlighters.

  When I first opened this drawer I was instantly mesmerized by the blushes and shimmer highlighters. Reminds me of a high-end cosmetic brand blush palette.  The design that is indented is striking! Also look at the variety of lip glosses, 16 different colors to choose from.  You will defintely not be bored with the same lippie combo.


 I would totally purchase these blushes if they sold them separately or even in a blush palette.  The colors are gorgeous!  The highlighters do look very light in the picture but if applied with a fan brush for a light application it would give a nice glow.

The glosses are non-sticky sheer washes of color with little sparkle (some without) which is perfect for glosses (in my opinion).  I did find a bit of a lipstick-y smell (I really don't know how to describe the smell but it's not bad.  They did not have a taste to them.  I can't stand having a lip product with a strong smell that tastes like how it smells.  Yuck! Thank goodness in this case that is not a problem. Since there are only 2 lipsticks in the set (more about them later) it was nice to see a variety of colors in the glosses. 

The Cream Eyeliners are so creamy and smooth, would make great eye shadow bases for a bolder look.  I think I will incorporate these with my MOTD that I will post.  I don't think these will dry out in the tray, but I could be wrong.  They are pretty creamy.

Third Tray - Metallic Liquid Liner, Pencil Liners, Nail Polish, Glitter Creams and Lipsticks. 

I was totally surprised when I opened up this drawer! I was not expecting coordinating nail polishes with some glitter creams! 


I knew that I would like the Metallic Liquid Liner based from the review of the

Art Of Eye Makeup Set. 

As for the pencil eyeliners I didn't have a good experience from the purple eyeliner featured in the

Drama Queen Complete Makeup Set

. I was totally surprised how different the pencil liners felt compared to the previous one that I reviewed.  They did not have a waxy feel and the color payoff was really good.  One swipe did the trick! 

 Please excuse my little nails!  I had Shellac on them and the removal process totally made my poor little nails all brittle and weak.  In the process of getting them nice and strong again.  I am lovin the colors so festive for this time of the year.  What really impressed me was the applicator - wide and not flimsy. 

I'll just be very straight forward with this one ... didn't like it.  I have seen these glitter creams from other companies before and haven't been in a fan.  Why? Well, they don't stay on and they get chunky.  If you want glitter eyelids use straight up cosmetic grade glitter (I use a lot of different brands for my MOTD's) with some adhesive.   I did not like how these went on - it did not evenly distribute.  I even had to use my finger to swatch these and the swatch wouldn't even leave my finger to make the swatch on my hand.  Not sure if this product was dried up but did not have a good experience. 

What is this? WHOA! Totally different from the first set.  Look how evenly these distributed! So the first set must be dried out (this is what I think). I wouldn't really really say glitter but more like a metallic shimmer cream.  I'm really liking the gold one! 

 These are the two lipsticks - light pink and a berry red.  Very creamy and smooth.  Think of all the lip combinations you can create when you add all the different lip glosses! You would be set!

Sorry for the picture heavy post for this review.  I just wanted to make sure you saw everything and knew everything you wanted to know about this set. Keep an eye on it at your local Walmart as they will be cutting the prices down closer to Christmas.  Hopefully you can snag yours as it is a great value for everything you are getting, especially for the shadows.

Now I can go finish my Christmas Cards .. YUCK I am sooooo behind. lol

Review: The Color Workshop Art of Eye Makeup Set

Today I am bringing you another great set from The Color Workshop. The Art of Eye Makeup Set features all eye products to create a variety of eye looks from natural to deep dark smokey.  Just like the previous set the colors are cool and warm to cater to different skin tones and to play with different makeup styles.   If you have someone on your holiday lists that likes to play with their eye makeup this set is just for them even if they are just beginning  with their skills or advanced. 

Let me break down the set for you.  No filters were used with the pictures but I did use my ring light for light.  It's been hard to take some great shots here in Seattle .. dark and gray all the time. 

The set comes with two compacts each with 9 shadows.  One set is more warm (golden undertone shades) and the other more cool (blues, and purples). There are also 4 Jumbo Eye Crayons, 4 Metallic Liquid Liners and 1 Mascara. 

 This is the cooler toned palette with frost/shimmer to matte finishes. Look how beautiful the printed top of the frosty/shimmer shadows are! I noticed after you use the first layer (the first layer has the most shimmer) that it is not as shimmery as it was before. The shadows though are very pigmented! I did not use an eye shadow primer to do these swatches.  For an inexpensive set the shadows are very impressive.

 Now for the warmer eye shadow palette - again I am loving the pigmented shadows!! Look how well they went on - not streaky at all. Even the lightest shade (ivory/beige) showed up nicely on my skin tone.  This would be a beautiful palette for green/hazel eyes as these shades will really enhance the coloring. 

 Here are the Jumbo Eye Pencils which can be used as an eye shadow base.  I didn't find the pencils to be very pigmented, they did however glide on very well.  The swatch above is just one glide of the pencil.  You can barely see the gold on on my skin with the two lighter colors looking a little chalky.  The blue shade did stand out against my skin tone though, would be nice to use as base with the cool based eye shadow palette.

Now I was really happy with these liquid metallic liners! Look how gorgeous they went on and I wish my camera captured the soft sparkle in each of them.  Even the black was like a gunmetal metallic sheen.  It was really nice how they offered liners to match with the eye shadow palettes.  I would have loved to see a purple, but that's just me I love anything purple! The applicator was very easy to apply the liner. Usually flimsy applicators do not give straight lines but this one did. Overall really pleased with these.

 Regrettably, I was not able to try this mascara because it was all dried up when I opened it up. :( 

I like the brush but too bad I wasn't able to try out the formula.  

The makeup bag that came with this set is too cute! Very roomy for all your favorite makeup products. 

I hope you guys like my review on The Color Workshop Art of Eyes Makeup Set! You can find it at Walmart for around $9.99 - also the company told me that as Christmas approaches they do mark them down so you can probably find all these sets as at great price! 

Have fun shopping!

DISCLAIMER: This set was sent to me by the company.  The review is my honest opinion of the products.

Review: The Color Workshop Drama Queen Complete Makeup Collection

With the gift-giving season fast approaching you will see a lot of sets out there. I remember when I was younger Santa would always have a makeup set for me to play with (I think this is why I am a makeup artist today).  The older I got family members would always gift me with makeup sets, which I totally loved.   I prefer sets than individual products - better value for everything that you get. Also usually when you purchase sets all the colors and products work together, this is another added plus!

The next couple of days I will be featuring some holidays sets from The Color Workshop.  Affordable sets you can gift to any makeup addict new or old.

The first set is the Drama Queen 20 Piece Makeup Collection.  YES! 20 pieces, with all the colors working with each other.  If you follow me regularly you know I love PURPLE! I literally have in infatuation with purple shadows. I think this set was made for me hahahaha, not really but I can dream it was.

Let me show you through pictures! FYI All pictures are taken with flash except for the eye shadows and the swatches.   The shadows and swatches were taken in the daylight, it's a little dark and gray here in Seattle. 

How the package would look like in the store.  Organized and ready to be wrapped!

This the whole complete set which includes 6 eye shadows, purple liquid and pencil liner, lipstick and complimentary blush palette.  You can store all your new makeup in the makeup bag which holds everything nicely.

 These are the 6 eye shadows you receive in the kit.  A majority of them are different shades of purple with 1 being in the blue tones.  The ones with the shimmer top coat do disappear once you dip your brush in it and use up the top layer (eye shadow 4 bottom left) and 5 (bottom center).  You can really create a variety of eye shadow looks from natural to smokey dramatic.  


From the swatches you can tell they are pigmented and stay true to color.  I did use the Urban Decay Primer Potion before swatching. The shadows are a satin to a matte finish for these colors. More warmer shades of purples with some pinks in there too. For me I would use these shadows for more a day look - simple and natural hued.


Now for these shadows they are more cooler toned - lilacs to deeper purples.  The blue duo shadow actually swatched to be more purple! These shades would be lovely for more of a dramatic looks - colorful smokey eyes 

 Swatches from top to bottom


- The color was a bit more purple than pink (lighting turned it more pink).  Very creamy and opaque.  For neutral eyes this would be great but for a smokey eye I probably would turn it down a little. 

Liquid Eyeliner

- Ok this eyeliner is AMAZING! The color is gorgeous, something I have never seen before.  Also it stayed on sooo well, I kept rubbing and rubbing and it stayed on. 

Pencil Eyeliner

- I love the color, it off sets the lighter color of the liquid liner.  The eyeliner applies unevenly and I had to go back and forth to create a deeper pigmented line.  Even when I kept going back and forth I still didn't get the desired line I wanted.  Also the liner felt waxy on my hand.

 The blush trio palette is beautiful! I really like the range of colors they included in this trio. You will defintely need to apply the blush with the brush that is provided because it's hard to use a regular blush brush.  I even combined the colors and it looks lovely! 

The blushes are also pigmented - will work with a variety of skin tones.

Can you believe this set is only $4.99??? YES?!?! WOW! You can find The Color Workshop sets at Walmart!

What do you think of this set? Will have another set featured tomorrow!


I was given this set from the company for my review.  All reviews are my honest opinion.

MOTD: Smashbox Dark Room Photo Op Eye Shadow Trio

Last year Smashbox launched their new eye shadow trios called Photo Op.  These eye shadows are a new formula with new colors added and some favorites from their past trio eye shadows.  In the beginning there were 11 trio shades to select from now there are 16 with 4 from the original collection. The colors range from neutral nude, soft subtle colors to the favorite celebrity inspired smokey eye. 

 I love how each pot has 3 coordinated shades that all work together, no more guessing work!  You get a highlighter, crease and base/lid shade all in one compact.  The colors also work great on their own and you can pair them with existing colors that you already have in your makeup collection. The shadows go on velvety smooth and the pigment is very strong.  To make the shadows last longer I would suggest using an eye shadow primer of your choice. 

For this MOTD I used Dark Room  - Opal (opalescent pale pink), Granite (shimmery silver grey), Blackout (matte jet black).  The swatches on the top row are with a primer (Smashbox Photo Finish Eye Primer).  I even tried rubbing the shadows with the primer and they did not move! This is a great collection of shadows for a classic smokey eye and the colors are so versatile that they will work with any skin tone.

Products used:

Smashbox Dark Room

Opal - Highlight and Lid Color (for the lid use wet)

Granite - Crease (use a fluffy blending brush and really buff this color all over the crease and little bit above.  Blend in a circular motion back and forth.

Blackout - Detailed crease (this is best applied with a detailer definer brush or a slanted eye liner brush does the trick also.  Really emphasize this area by "carving" out the crease, do not blend.

Lip: Smashbox Pixel Lip Enhancing Lip Gloss.  This is one of my favorite nude lip glosses. 

I will be doing more looks with the Smashbox Photo Op Trios, since I have the whole palette that I received for Christmas.  The Photo Op Mega Palette is exclusive to QVC and it contains 16 of the trios plus 2 limited edition 4 eye shadow palette,  cream eye liners, blushes/highlighters and lip glosses.  Your whole complete set, you really don't need anything else.  You can still find it at QVC. Click the link

Photo Op 78 Shade Mega Palette

I am so behind in my blogging, there's so much I want to share with all of you! Hopefully I can get in the routine to post every day!!! :)