Filofax - my new creative obsession to organization

I have always been a lover of arts and crafts since I was a little kid.  My school projects always consisted of glitter, scented markers, stickers, and whatever I could glue on poster board.   Many of you don't know that my hobby is making things - cards, photo books, home decor items, etc.  I can spend hours at Michael's or at JoAnn's, browsing through all the aisles of crafty things.  With makeup taking a majority of my time I usually don't have time or space (half of our 800sq ft. condo is already filled with makeup and a few storage bins of scrapbook paper and crafty "stuff) until I found this picture (the picture is from her blog but I first saw it on Instagram) from my new friend Candi aka FILOEYECANDI 's Filofax.  It literally was love at first sight - creativity, cute crafty things, paper, washi tape .. I was in heaven.  This was my calling ... it was time to get organized and at the same time use my creative skills that I always have deep down inside me.

What is a Filofax? Well it's a personal organization planner/binder from a company in the UK. Very similar to a At-A-Glance planner or a Daytimer that most of us in the US are accustomed to. You can customize it your lifestyle with a monthly calendar or if you prefer a weekly calendar, add a shopping or check list, email address of your friends from high school.. practically everything and anything you can include.  But the fun part is decorating your pages to your liking - add washi tape as a border, stamp days of the week on your calendars, support your lists with cute little paperclips or use scrapbook paper to create inspirational add one note cards.  Possibilities are endless!

I knew I had to stock up on supplies and it was perfect timing because it was Memorial Day.  The first thing I ordered was the Filofax Domino A5 Organiser in Hot Pink! I first saw it on Candi's IG and I knew I had to have one in this color. The title picture above is the organiser open and below is it closed. The bright pink reminds me of MAC Candy Yum Yum Lipstick.  


Next I went all over the internet looking for Filofax goodies to grace my pages.  Instagram is very good source to get inspiration for your pages but also to see where everyone in the Filofax community gets there cute little supplies.  I kept seeing washi tape from the dollar section at Target hauls.... would I be able to get my hands on this? I guess we will see.

I'll post my hauls in the next couple of days so you can follow me on my journey.  Every week I will post my layout of my weekly calendar and share what's in my Filofax! Click here to see the creative side of VILLABEAUTIFFUL including planning pages and everything creative!

Do you decorate your planner? I would love to see how use your planner as a creative outlet... tweet me - VILLABEAUTIFFUL