Kim K. Midweek Makeup Feature

It's been a great week for me - wedding planning is up and running and I was featured on

Kim Kardashian's Official Website/Blog

in her Midweek Makeup section!!!!! REALLY? YESSS!!!!   The theme this week is White and Bright.  Not sure how long the section would be up but here is the link (


) if you would like to see the whole slideshow.  A lot of great makeups!

I don't follow Kim on a regular basis so when an Instagram follower told me about how she saw my picture in the collage, I just couldn't believe it.

Do you see my picture on the bottom left side? It is the Pink, Tan White Prom Look 1 that I did a couple of months ago.  To view the full post click



 When you click through the slideshow the full picture is #9.  

It's a great feeling when your work goes noticed, this just makes me want to blog and post more MOTD's on a regular basis.  Wow, what an amazing accomplishment. 

Help me get to New York Fashion Week with Mally Roncal


Celebrity makeup artist Mally Roncal is hosting this amazing contest for makeup artists to assist her for the Tracy Reese Fashion Show in NYC.  I am one of the 8 finalists!! What a great honor. 

You have your chance to watch the show in NYC when you leave a comment on a video (mine of course :) ) The comment will be selected at random.

Click here to vote and watch my video!!

Thank you in advance for your support!!!