Wedding: T&C Engagment Pictures - Picking A Theme

I always get asked about our engagement pictures and how I chose the theme and style for them. To tell you the truth, it kinda just came to US.  Cody hates taking pictures so I really had to make this comfortable for him and in his comfort zone or who knows how our pictures would have turned out. I always tell brides-to-be to pick a theme, or even a location and base your style around that.  This really helped me stay focus and not have my ideas wonder off whenever I found something on Pinterst. You will tell from our two different sets of pictures how the theme is very similar but still different in it's own unique way.

The first set was taken by our wedding photographers Jade and Kaitlin Ehlers at our condo in Downtown Seattle.  We were trying to go for the J.Crew, Hamptons (but with a Seattle) vibe. I love Cody's  jacket we focused our outfit and theme for this shoot around it. We used these pictures for our Save The Dates (click here to view how they turned out, I have to say I am so proud of these!)

Now you can tell the second set was completely different from the first but still has the J.Crew/ Hamptons vibe with a vintage twist. I focused the wedding on a vintage theme (will post pictures of all the details very soon). My navy dress was purchased on and the vintage truck and suitcase were bought at an antique store in Downtown Tacoma. These pictures were taken by Paul Maranan of  P&M Productions at Discovery Park in Seattle. I actually met Jade and Kaitlin through Paul because they were their photographers for their wedding. So funny how things work out! Paul captured the vibe that I wanted perfectly!

I will be focusing some Friday posts on more personal things such as the wedding (since I didn't even blog about it when it was happening) and other things.  Did you have a theme for your engagement pics?