Clique Kits Agenda 2015 Starter Edition Kit

Clique Kits Agenda Kit

The planner addict in me is in full effect! 

The Clique Kits Agenda Kit is a great way for new and veteran planner addicts to get into this huge craze and basically get in the routine of organizing your life. I remember when I first started with crafting that I was super overwhelmed with all the supplies you need to purchase and wish at the time there were kits to make my collection grow.  Now, there's kits for scrapbooking, pocket scrapbooking (Project Life) and low and behold a kit for your PLANNER! Yes, I did say a whole kit for your planning needs. Pre-made kits make everything so much easier- takes the guess work out of matching this with that. 

I am so happy to introduce to you the Clique Kits Agenda Kit! I instantly fell in love and was ready to plan and create.  You will see in my video below that kit is jam packed with a lot of embellishments and tools that you can use over and over again-   from bright colored pens, a to-do note pad and other planner must-haves.  One thing that I found unique was the motivational printable quotes that you get with your agenda kit.  I am always on Pinterest looking for free printables to use for my daily layouts to make them more fun and unique.  

Here are some pictures of what you receive in your Clique Kits Agenda Kit.  YES! All of that fit in the bag... Amazing right? What's my favorite item? It would have to be the Maggie Holmes Open Book Clips (super cute and I can totally see myself using these over and over again). 

 I packed the video with a little review on the kit, along with a set-up for the monthly layout (which comes as a printable doc with your kit) and a weekly layout that matches.  View it below and take a peek at some detailed pictures as well. 

The matching weekly layout incorporates the bright colors featured in some of the products.  I was inspired by the bright Sakura Pens.  I love stamps and just recently experimented with layering two different colors for an ombre effect.  The inks from the Colorbox Cat's Eye Fiesta Ink Set complemented the kit very well. 

Products used for the layout : 


View the kit on the Clique Kits website here for subscribers and here for non-subscribers. The value of the kit is amazing! Remember you get so much product that you can use over and over again. 

Thank you to Clique Kits for letting me play with the Agenda Kit! Stay tuned for next week for another layout using the same products! It's a different layout than what I usually do... if you ever wanted to try the Erin Condren Life Planners then keep an eye for next week's layout :)