MOTD: Yellow and a mix of blues

I really love Pinterest, it's a great social website to share pictures with others of things that "interest" you from all over the web. You simply "pin" whatever you like on the web and categories your pins to boards.  It's very much like your online scrapbook.  Whoever thought of Pinterest is a genius! I have so many pictures saved on my computer and then when I want to go back and see where I got it from I can't remember.  Once you pin the picture to your board you can go back and click it to be linked back to the original location.  AMAZING!  The more people you follow who have the same interest as yourself the more pictures will show up on your main page that you can pin.  Follow me on


I recently found this picture, and I knew instantly that I had to recreate this look.  The makeup was done by Foreverfashion78 it was done so beautiful! My look isn't 100% like hers but it's close and I love how it turned out.

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow

Mylar (highlight)

Chrome Yellow (above crease) Contrast (crease)

Electric Eel (lid)

I used colors that were similar to hers. The look was actually pretty easy to recreate.  I found it was best that you start with your highlight, then crease with the yellow and blend upward toward the highlight.  This will help prevent the blue taking over the yellow.  Don't forget to use your eye primer to make the colors just pop!

I am going to start posting my MOTD's from Instagram on my blog to give you some detailed information on how to recreate some of the looks.  More and more makeup candy pics for you!!