MOTD: MAC Chrome Yellow Eye Shadow w/ MAC Candy Yum Yum

Today's look is a color all of you have been asking me to use! The colors that I used for this look are a bright yellow (MAC Chrome Yellow) and a pop of blue drop shadow (MAC Freshwater with

Eye Kandy Glitter

Sour Apple)  Highlight (MAC Mylar Eye Shadow)  Crease (MAC Soft Brown Eye Shadow) Bright pink lips (MAC Candy Yum Yum) to pair with this colorful look.  New featured lashes from Lashes In A Box #4.

Hope you guys like

MOTD: Neon Trend With Sleek Acid Palette

Every time I see neon colors especially the electrifying yellow I always think of the 80's.  I am a 80's child, I was always drawn to the sparkle of Gem And The Holograms and the wild bright outfits of Punky Brewster (what happened to that girl? hmm). Summer 2012 you can see neon everywhere from fashion, to home decor and of course beauty.

If you like BRIGHT, BOLD colors the Sleek Acid Palette is for you.   I mentioned in my other posts with looks from this palette that you cannot get this palette in the US through

you will need to find a reputable seller on Ebay.  I have bought all my Sleek Makeup through there and they are legit and at times get free shipping which is a major plus!

Click here for past post on my review for Acid Palette

I was inspired to use these colors from a shirt that I found at H&M.

I added MAC Waveline Fluidline for the pop of blue/purple for the lower liner.  I thought it would add a different more colorful approach then using ordinary black.

If you would like to see 2 other looks I create with this palette please click the following links:

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MOTD: Sleek Acid Palette Pinks/Purples

Do you like the neon trend right now ? I do!

MOTD: Acid Palette - Pinks, and Yellow

Playing with the ACID Palette from Skeek Makeup... UHM I LOVE I LOVE!!!! So bright and pigmented.

MOTD: Tropical Bird Inspired Colors

Makeup today is a bright eye inspired by a tropical bird.  Urban Decay Eye Shadows Fishnet (upper crease), Evidence (defined crease), Eldorado (lid) and Peace (lower lash line)

MOTD: Yellow/brown with a touch of blue

For today's MOTD I decided to change it up a little bit with a different layout.  I thought it would  be nice change to do more of a tutorial picture layout to show all my followers the steps to achieve this look.  It has been a huge success and will be posting more MOTD'S like this from now on.  If you don't know already I take all my makeup pictures with my Iphone 3GS and use FrameMagic (layout the pictures) and BeFunkyPro (edit pictures). Many people cannot believe that I do, but YES I do! These two programs have made my MOTD'S amazing!  My lighting always helps and I will share that later. A post about the My MOTD Style process is long overdue.. I must share the background.  SOON!

I have used the color yellow for a lot of my MOTD'S, before I hated wearing this color but now I can't get enough of it.  Yellow is a color that you really need to pair with a darker shade to add a contrast and depth to your makeup.  Pairing it with another brighter color would also look great! Some colors that would compliment the yellow would be bright blue, teals, grass greens, and oranges/pinks/corals (this combination makes a lovely sunset look).  I haven't tried purple yet, but I am sure it would look great also.

MAC Shadows

Gesso (highlight)

Brown Down (upper crease) use with MAC #224 brush for more a diffused blending effect

Embark (crease) use with MAC #219 brush and then blend with either #224 or #217

Chrome Yellow (lid) wet your brush with MAC Fix+ and apply the yellow shadow to make it more intense

Freshwater (lower lash line) a q-tip helps create a soft blended look for a drop shadow.

The lashes are 2 pairs layered on top of each other.  I will have a post about this later.  No particular brand of lashes, just the ones that I get at the Japanese Dollar Store, Daiso.  I love layering lashes because you can create your own style and look.  Also the lashes are only $1.50!