Filofax: How I Set-up my Filofax Planner

Here's a YouTube video on a little tour of my Filofax Planner- including how I set it up and organize everything in my life.  The video gives you a glimpse of how everything fits together to fit my lifestyle.  Remember everything is customized and made by me.   I am happy to answer any questions if you have any! 

Links for some of the things that I mention in the video

Filofax Domino Organiser: http://bit.ly/1FE8dvM

A4 size paper on Staples.com: http://bit.ly/1tpcDAQ

Heidi Swap Sugar Chic 12x12 Paper Pack: http://amzn.to/1zFvKdM

If you want to see some detailed pictures of some of the sections mentioned in the video of the  inside of my planner click the thumbnails below.

CALENDAR (including dashboard): Includes weekly pages, and monthly two-page spread with a notes section on the left side. 

PERSONAL: Online expense sheet, websites, contact list, and personal information 

BLOG: Yourtube/blog notes, MOTD notes, blog post planner, Youtube planner

CREATIVE: Weekly creative themes for planner and Project Life, Project Life layout sketches. 

WORK: Time zone chart, work notes

MUA: Client profiles 

MISC: Blank note paper

Filofax: How I decorate Wk. 44

Since it's Halloween on Friday I thought I would make my filofax planning pages to match! Ever since I started this whole filofaxing adventure I feel better about time management during my week.  I take Sunday afternoons (usually when I'm watching football) to plan out my week, list all my work projects/to-do's and incorporate my blog pots/YouTube videos.  

Pretty basic with supplies this week. 

  • Studio L2E Plan It Stamps
  • Printable cute Halloween graphics from Acade-me.com 
  • Me and My Big Ideas Halloween Journal Cards. 

Wanted to let you guys know that I will start filming how I decorate my pages and some other filofax/creative tutorials/videos! Can't wait.  Make sure you are subscribed to my channel here! ilf 

Filofax: Week 32 Bows and Week 33 Blue/Green Pages





Filofax: How I decorate Wk. 30 & 31 Pages

Filofax week 30 and 31

So sorry I have been behind posting my Filofx Planning Pages for the week.  I've noticed that I love designing and creating them but not posting them.  But I need to because I have been getting so many questions about this whole Filofax adventure from all of you! I do have a "Villabeautifful Filofax Summer Tour" scheduled for next week on my YouTube channel.  You will get to see how my planner is set up, my dividers and all the  pages.  Another request that I have been getting is how I decorate my pages such as what supplies I use and etc.  Hopefully this will be posted in 2 weeks.  Hopefully.

Week 30 and 31's planning pages do have a summer-y theme to them.  I just noticed that in a couple of weeks I'll be needing to plan for fall inspired pages.  Wow, summer went by fast. Here in Seattle, our summers are beautiful and we never want them to end. 


Week 31 

"Stay Cool" theme was inspired by printables that I kept seeing on Pinterest.  The cute watermelon, Popsicle and ice cream cones were screaming at me to use them in a spread. This was such a cute layout to make. Here are the details!

  • Popscicle / Ice Cream "Happy Summer" Printable from Oh Happy Day
  • Glittery Sun - DIY project I did with my cricut
  • "You Are My Sunshine" Washi Tape from Hazel and Ruby Colorblock Quotes Washi Tape
  • Studio L2E Plan It and List It Stamps
  • "Today is Ok" Sticky Note from Hema ( Hema is a variety department store (similar to Target)  in Europe.  They have the cutest stationary that's super cheap!
  • Colorful triangle washi tape from Michaels.

Week 31

The first week of August was always my favorite part of summer and still is to this day because of Seafair.  It is a huge city festival that has been celebrated forever.  It kicks off with a parade and little neighborhood festivals in the neighboring communities/cities around Seattle.  Everyone always looks forward to the Blue Angels and the Hydroplane races during the first weekend of August.  Seafair was my inspiration for this layout.

  • Sail Away With Me Journal Card by Jenn Barrette for  Sweet Shoppe Design. I cut out the sailboat from one the cards and added it to the top of the left page and used another card loose.
  • The waves were cut out from some wave pattern scrapbook paper
  • Studio L2E Plan It and List It Stamps
  • Post it Notes from Hema
  • Arrow Washi Tape ... I can't remember lol


Filofax: How I decorate Wk. 29 Heidi Swapp

week29 Filofax planning pages Heidi Swapp

This week's Filofax pages have to be my ultimate favorite layout that I have created since I started my planner.  My main inspiration was the Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic Paper Pack.  As soon as I saw this collection I just had to have it.  I knew that I wanted to make the designs part of my Filofax so I made dividers using some of the papers (more detailed info later).  Because I loved the designs so much I bought 3 packs just in case it was discontinued.  Thank goodness I found that at my local Michael's on sale for $9.99 (it was so hard to find it online).  Don't you just love this pack? Gah! LOVE LOVE!!!!!! I am always drawn to Heidi's sense of style maybe because it's very similar to mine - fun, sassy and oh so trendy!

Here are some more pictures of the layout

Products used for the layout:

  • Heidi Swapp Sugar Chic Paper Pack
  • Studio L2E Plan It and List It Stamps
  • Washi Tapes from Willow & Washi on Etsy
  • Washi Tape Glitter/Solid circle stickers DIY Project. Made with a hole punch
Heidi Swapp Dashboard

Just a little glance of my dashboard for the summer.  I tagged Heidi on this on Instagram and she commented! Total fan girl moment. The glitter vinyl heart is on a tranparency and the leopard print is from the Sugar Chic Paper Pack.  Oh, and the lipstick! Candy Yum Yum from MAC.  :)