MOTD: Love In Florence Eat, Love, Be Fab Eye Shadow Palette

For today's makeup of the day I am using @nyxcosmetics to create a simple fall look. I love how the  metallic golds and bronze with the touch of green really work together to pull off this look. 

Eyes: Love In Florence Eat, Love, Be Fab Eye Shadow Palette.   Jumbo Eye Pencil in French Fries.

Wonder Pencil in Medium applied in the waterline.

Lips: Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Daiquiri

Cheeks: Mosaic Powder in Paradise and  Narcissistic Illuminator. 

Lashes: Flutter Lashes Lindsay Mink Lashes

Dramatic look is in the making!

P.S. Look for some new videos on my youtube channel coming soon! My new video set up just came! So excited!

MOTD: Neon Trend With Sleek Acid Palette

Every time I see neon colors especially the electrifying yellow I always think of the 80's.  I am a 80's child, I was always drawn to the sparkle of Gem And The Holograms and the wild bright outfits of Punky Brewster (what happened to that girl? hmm). Summer 2012 you can see neon everywhere from fashion, to home decor and of course beauty.

If you like BRIGHT, BOLD colors the Sleek Acid Palette is for you.   I mentioned in my other posts with looks from this palette that you cannot get this palette in the US through

you will need to find a reputable seller on Ebay.  I have bought all my Sleek Makeup through there and they are legit and at times get free shipping which is a major plus!

Click here for past post on my review for Acid Palette

I was inspired to use these colors from a shirt that I found at H&M.

I added MAC Waveline Fluidline for the pop of blue/purple for the lower liner.  I thought it would add a different more colorful approach then using ordinary black.

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Do you like the neon trend right now ? I do!