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MOTD: Neon Trend With Sleek Acid Palette

Every time I see neon colors especially the electrifying yellow I always think of the 80's.  I am a 80's child, I was always drawn to the sparkle of Gem And The Holograms and the wild bright outfits of Punky Brewster (what happened to that girl? hmm). Summer 2012 you can see neon everywhere from fashion, to home decor and of course beauty.

If you like BRIGHT, BOLD colors the Sleek Acid Palette is for you.   I mentioned in my other posts with looks from this palette that you cannot get this palette in the US through

you will need to find a reputable seller on Ebay.  I have bought all my Sleek Makeup through there and they are legit and at times get free shipping which is a major plus!

Click here for past post on my review for Acid Palette

I was inspired to use these colors from a shirt that I found at H&M.

I added MAC Waveline Fluidline for the pop of blue/purple for the lower liner.  I thought it would add a different more colorful approach then using ordinary black.

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MOTD: Sleek Acid Palette Pinks and Yellows  

MOTD: Sleek Acid Palette Pinks/Purples

Do you like the neon trend right now ? I do!

MOTD: Teal/purple brown eye

Who knew that teal and  purple/brownish shade would look good together.  I am using the Limited Edition Sleek Makeup Monaco Palette.  Will update this post once I get some swatches together from this palette.

MOTD: Sleek Makeup Acid Palette Pink/Purples

This is has to be one of my new favorite looks that I have done in a long time.  Can you believe I only used 3 colors? Hot pink for the area above the crease, black in the crease and a bright purple for the lid.  I am so addicted to the ACID palette so many bright colored combinations you can achieve.

Please let me know if you have any requests for any looks.  :)

MOTD: Acid Palette - Pinks, and Yellow

Playing with the ACID Palette from Skeek Makeup... UHM I LOVE I LOVE!!!! So bright and pigmented.

Review / Swatches ACID Sleek Palette

It's hard to find bright colored eye shadows here in the states.  I want bright, neon colored, eye-popping, intensely pigmented shadows.  Well, I found them but they don't sell it here in the states.  I knew about Sleek for awhile now, and I always wanted to try the products.  The only problem is that you can only get it in Europe, there is no store or online store that actually sells them.  Thank goodness

does ship to the US for $13.50. You may also find some sellers on Ebay that will ship internationally.

Sleek Makeup

offers some amazing palettes ranging from neutrals to brights and of course smokey.  What's great about these palettes is that they are mineral based.  It's hard to find eye shadow palettes that are pressed mineral shadows.  I really love the design that is pressed on the shadows, it's like a square/diamond pattern. 

The palettes that I purchased are ACID, CIRCUS, and MONACO.  I did not purchase these from their website but on ebay instead because I wanted Circus and Monaco which were limited edition.  This post will focus on the ACID Palette! Circus and Monaco review will be posted at a later time.


This palette contains both matte and shimmer shadows.  The color range in this palette gives you a a light, neon and a few darker shades. 

Swatches - NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil as a base

My thoughts:

- wow so pigmented!!!

-when used with a white base the colors just pop

-the two blue shades and silver grey are shimmery the rest are matte

-i love the neon shades - yellow, orange, pink and green

-this is a must have if you like bright colors

-the only downside to this palette is that you cannot order it from because of USA FDA regulations they cannot send it.  This is the only palette from their line which they cannot ship over seas hence the reason why I purchased it on ebay.

I can't wait to use this palette for a MOTD!!!