Filofax: How I Decorate Wk. 46

Filofax weekly layout

I really love this week's weekly 2 page spread layout for my planner.  I wanted to create something fun, trendy and girly this week especially when I received brand new stamps from Studio L2E.  

I wanted to start filming the way I decorate my pages since I have been getting a lot of requests from Instagram.  People think that I buy the pages already decorated but after much explaining how the products I use and how I go about the process they realize that it's all made by me.  It's so much fun spending a Sunday afternoon (while watching football) to decorate my weekly pages and plan the rest of my week.  I feel organized and ready to tackle the work week and see what I have planned for the weekend.  To be serious though, I think I just like looking at all my supplies- brings me so much happiness. :) 

Since this would be the first time I would film me doing a layout on camera I wanted to create something that everyone could do with a few supplies.  I understand not everyone can go out and buy new stuff every week so I always try to find materials that are accessible to everyone.  For this layout I used a majority of supplies from the Target DollarSpot Section, which I am in love with! You can find cute little pens, notepads, stickers, cards, stamps and stickers in these bins.  However, finding these items can be a little tricky.  In order for me to find some of the items my fellow #planneraddicts posted on Instagram I had to visit 3 different Targets at different times during the week.  At times, I found lots others not so lucky.  

The layout is super easy to do and didn't take that much time to put together.  It's also a fun layout for any time of the year.   The Washi Tape circle stickers add a little touch of sass!  Take a look at the video and view some of the detailed pictures of this week's layout. 

Now lets go over the supplies that I used for the layout.  But first I wanted to show you the Studio L2E Stamps.  The two on the right are Plan It and List It Stamp Sets (the two that I always use for my layouts.  The new one is the Happy Notes Stamp Set which looks like little post it notes, washi tape borders, and a few words (notes, to do, today, to buy).  Super excited about this new set- it will certainly be one of my favs. 

Here are the rest of the supplies.  Hover each picture for a brief description and the direct link to purchase the product. 

If you would like to use my quote card you can  click, save, and print.  I just ask that you link back to me! :) thank you!