PNW Planner Group

GOODBYE 2015, HELLO 2016!

Taking some time today to make goals for the New Year and I couldn’t help but reflect back on 2015. I’ve done so much and accomplished goals/dreams that I didn’t even think I could. I would say that 2015 was a planner adventure for me. It made me think how much I love this planner community and truly enjoy creative planning. I always thought my life would be the beauty industry (it still is, my heart still loves makeup) but this new change in my career has brought my so much joy and happiness. It's nice to have a "change of pace" and I'm so happy I found my change in 2015. 

Early last year I started the Pacific Northwest Planner Group- a little group for planners in the area to get together and share their love for planning. The first meet-up of 35 people in my condo's owner's lounge was the little spark that ignited the flame. Little did I know I would be planning planner parties with my friend Rhondalei and watching the group grow and grow to now 550 members!. I can’t wait to celebrate the one year birthday of this group which has brought the Seattle/Vancouver, BC and Portland planners together.

I’ve been blessed to be part of 3 design teams- The Planner Society,  Studio l2e and Me & My Big Ideas. To be selected to be on a design team is an honor and I'm so thankful that these companies chose me to represent them.  I love spreading my passion and creativity with all of you.

A big dream/goal of mine was to own my own business. However, I always wanted it be beauty related since I am a makeup artist but this year everything changed. Thanks to my planner friend Sierra who shared my homemade page flag stickers that I sent her on her IG .. my little pocket letter filler turned into a full blown business. Villabeautifful has been my brand since the very beginning of my makeup career and now it’s revolving into something and it’s such a good feeling! The comments from all of YOU, my customers, have made me want to strive for bigger and better things for VB. I couldn’t be happier and more blessed for this community and how all of you have impacted my life. THANK YOU! I’m excited to see what 2016 holds for me and Villabeautifful- can’t wait to share it with all of you! 

How To Plan A Planner Meet-up


When I started this whole planner adventure I knew I wasn't the only one out there that is a true planner addict. I wanted to meet local addicts who shared the same interest as I do but how would I go about this? I bring you the Pacific Northwest Planners Group!!!! The group came about with a simple post on IG regarding a simple meet-up with locals and then turned into the Pacific Northwest Planners Group. 


The group grew quickly and I was excited to start planning for the meet-up.  I didn't know how to plan a planner meet-up. I really didn't know what to do, or what to expect. I've been planning events for big cosmetic companies over the years so I knew how to plan a successful event- I basically thought it out as a party.  The Facebook Event tab made it easier for me to invite our members and help me keep track of the guests. I wanted to take advantage of the Owner's Lounge that is located in our building, this would be the location of our first meet-up. Easy access for me and it's free with a fab view! As soon as I got all the details taken care of, I enlisted help from members and friends. Emma was in charge of the guestlist- she helped me manage all the guests and what they were going to bring to the party.  I decided a potluck would be easier than having me provide all the food.  

As the hostess, I wanted to add my own little details to the party. I'm always keen on details and think that they always leave a lasting impression.  A chalkboard sign with the help from Emma (paperpanduh) greeted all the guests as they came in. Custom mason jars,  utensil holders, a small hostess gift from me were projects that I tackled leading up to the party (take a look at the pictures).  I always do things above and beyond and I really wanted this meet-up/party to be something special for this new group. 

Other than socializing, eating and chatting about planners I wanted to have the attendees leave the party with something that they made.  Thankful for Cori (theresetgirl) she put something together that everyone enjoyed- washi tape binder clips.  Super easy and fun to make! Now everyone in group decorates all of their binder clips. 

Another thing that I decided to have is a gift exchange/white elephant exchange. Everyone brought a gift worth $15 all wrapped up to the party. Emma (paperpanduh) handed out numbers to see who would go first. If there was a gift that you liked you can steal it! This was a lot of fun! You'll have to check out Emma's vlog (inspiredblush) below to watch how this went down! 

Looks fun right? Want to host your own planner meet-up? Here are some of my tips that I hope will help you get started

  • BE ORGANIZED! I created a notebook that would fit in my FoxiDori (fauxdori) all the ideas, things to do, and anything that had to do with the party went in here. It helped me collect all my thoughts about the meet-up and is a great source for the next one. 
  • ASK FOR HELP! You can't do everything! Your event will be smooth sailing and if you have a group of people to help with different things for the party. I wasn't even stressed because I had a great party team! Rhonda, Joysha, Amanda, Emma, and Emma- you girls rock! 
  • NAME TAGS! Since everyone is new and probably don't know each other this is a key thing to have. Emma (inspiredblush) made the prettiest name tags to match our Spring/floral theme
  • ICE BREAKER! To get the party started plan an ice breaker activity to have attendees mingle with people they don't really know. Rhondalei led this activity. She printed off some celebrities who are significant today and each person had to guess each other's celebrity that was taped to the their backs. 
  • SWAP EXCHANGE! In my opinion I think this is a staple for any meet-up. Planner addicts always love planner goods and stationary so why not share some of your favorite supplies with others. 
  • HASHTAG! Have all your attendees tag their event photos with a particular hashtag that you create ahead of time. Emma (inspiredblush) added the hashtag to the name tags so the attendees always remebered it. I also would tag it on my Instagram posts whenever I posted anything regarding to the party. 
  • KEEP TRACK OF TIME! This is one thing that I wish I would have kept more attention to. I guess I got lost in meeting new people and the make and take I didn't realize it was almost time to go home! We didn't take a picture of all the planners but there's always next time. 
  • SHOULD I CHARGE? This is totally up to you. Since this was my first time planning a meetup I thought I wouldn't charge my guests. However, going froward I think a small fee should be good depending on the type of meetup/planner party you are having. The fee would cover food, decor and supplies for the event. It does get pricey so plan accordingly on what you would like the attendees to pay for. 

I just wanted to say a big thank you to Cori for the make and take activity and for the goodies she gave out to the group. Another HUGE thank you for Kanani from Studio L2e who gave her newest March release stamps to attendees.  I am so thankful that I have so many giving ladies in this group! 

There you have it! Now go and watch Emma's Vlog.. it basically sums up the whole day!! It makes me smile every time I watch it! For more pictures make sure to check out the hashtag #PNWSPRINGMEETUP and our other hashtags to see what the #PNWPlanners are up to: #PNWPLANNERGROUP