Planner Society Oct Kit


For those of you who are regular subscribers to The Planner Society Monthly Kits you'll agree with me that October was just beautiful! I'm a lover of florals and jewel toned hues so when I first laid my hands on the kit it was a match made in heaven. 

Each month Christy Tomlinson puts together the cutest embellishments from sticky notes, stickers and whatever her creative mind can think of. I'm always in awe when I receive my monthly kits. Even though I've been a Creative Team member from the very beginning I still sit down and look at each item and say to myself "I don't want to use this, it's too pretty!" 

I always get asked what's my favorite product or embellishment in each kit. For this month it would have to be the floral print papers (blue background one and the orange one). The colors just pop!

Take a look on how I used the kit to decorate my new black Kate Spade Planner and Traverler's Notebook Insert. 


Past Planner Society Kits- June, July, Aug

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I haven't been posting especially about the monthly Planner Society Kits. Things have been a little crazy here but I am getting back on track with Plan With Me videos and regular blog posts. 

Today, I wanted to backtrack a little and post some of my photos of the past kits so you can get some inspiration from them. I'll be doing a video on the September Planner Society Kit (guess who's in it again!) and will post some photos of my layout. For now enjoy the photos. 

Planner Society

Beauty & Creativity = Villabeautifful


There's been a lot of new things happening with me and the VILLBEAUTIFFUL brand- it's exciting! With new changes there's also a lot of work that needs to go into something successful that represents me. I'm going to be doing some small things here and there on VILLABEAUTIFFUL.COM which you probably already saw some including the new logo above. 

The new logo is for the launching of my new VILLABEAUTIFFUL Boutique which will be making her debut later this month. It's pretty things to "beautTIFFy" your planner from stickers (that I make myself ) to planner supplies and accessories. I hope one day I'll be able to include some beauty products as well. My goal is to mix my two passions in life- beauty and creativity in one. I do have something in mind and hope (my ultimate goal for myself) is to make this happen within the next 2 years.  Follow my new shop on IG @SHOPVILLABEAUTIFFUL for store promotions and new products. I can't wait to share this new phase in my life which I've been dying to do for the longest time. 

I hope VILLABEAUTIFFUL.COM will be your one stop outlet for beauty and creative paper planning inspiration. 

Talk soon! 


The Planner Society MAY Planner Kit

The Planner Society May

It's finally here! ThePlanner Society yay Kit up on so it's time for planner decorating! This month the kit is filled with a camera theme mixed in with primary colors. Everything in this month's kit was so fun to play and create with. Of course I filmed a Youtube video going over the contents of the kit and how I decorated the front of my planner (dashboard and pockets). I love creating dashboards and side pockets for my planner- it really brings character to the planner. 

I recently purchased the Websters Color Crush Planner in the Teal and White Striped. I'm use to using a larger planner (A5 or large Kikkik) so this new planner was something that I really had to get use to. 

Just like last month I forgot to take a picture of the contents of the kit but don't worry you can take a peak of everything in my video. Here's a photo that I took when I first received the kit in the mail. 


Here are some pictures of what I created with the contents of the May Planner Society Kit. My favorite item would have to be the camera paperclips! I love em! The papers that Christy designed are to die for and really help bring all the content together. 

I also created a matching layout using the leftover supplies. Since I plan my weekly layouts about 2 weeks before the actual week this week will be for the end of the month to the first few days of June.  I really like the paper that comes with the Webster's Papers Color Crush Planner. The quality of the paper is great! 

I hope you guys enjoyed my photos and how I used the contents of the kit to create something amazing! Stay tuned for next month to see what I create with a brand new kit. Please tag me on Instagram so I can see what you create also! 

MAMBI Happy Planner Compairison To Erin Condren Life Planner


Some photos comparing the new MAMBI (ME AND MY BIG IDEAS) Create 365 Happy Planner to the Erin Condren Life Planner. Very similar but you can see that the height is what sets the two planners apart. Take a look at my YouTube video below! For picture of the inside of the My Life Happy Planner click here.