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Beauty Log Planner Using The "Hello Beautiful" Happy Planner™


I'm really excited about getting back into blogging and producing more YouTube content. However, I needed a way to organize all of my ideas that I stumble upon especially when I see inspiration from Instagram and Pinterest. Then I thought about it .. why not literally merge beauty and the love for planning together? Sure! Great idea! It was perfect timing when I saw some stamps on Waffleflower.com to help me with the memory keeping in my brand new "Hello Beautiful" Happy Planner™. 

Here are the three stamps that I knew I just had to have: Plan To Glow, Beauty Log and Skincare Routine


Want to see how it all came together? Watch my newest Youtube video below. 

 I hope you guys like my layout and the start of a new planner for me! I'll be updating you on my progress. 



Welcome to the new 2016-2017 Happy Planner™ BLOG HOP featuring posts by the me & my BIG ideas Design Team! I’m excited to give you a tour and show you the style of my new 'Hello Life'  Happy Planner™. It doesn't start till July but I'll share with you how I plan on using it. 

The me and my BIG ideas booth at CHA

The me and my BIG ideas booth at CHA

I first laid eyes on all of the new Happy Planners ™ at CHA this year and I couldn't contain myself! WOW! So many styles to choose from how could I just pick one?! Talk about #planneraddictproblems! It took me awhile to choose "THE ONE" at the mambi Design Team meet-up that I could add to my existing Happy Planner™ collection. I knew I wanted one that had softer colors since 2 of my other planners had bolder brighter color themes. 

Some of the Design Team gals at mambi GQ 

Some of the Design Team gals at mambi GQ 

Finally I chose the 'Hello Life' Happy Planner ™. Here are some points on why I chose this beauty over the rest: 

  • I've been into soft watercolor patterns lately and if you are like me then you'll love this planner. You'll see washes of pink, teal, yellow, and gold touches. 
  • The font used throughout the planner is really pretty and different from the other planners in my collection. 
  • One of the features of the 'Hello Life' Happy Planner™ that really caught my eye are the weekend ombre patterns. SO PRETTY! They go from dark to light. 
  • The Monthly Prep Page fits my style. I like how everything is laid out and the 'Currently" section will be used a lot to prep my month. 
  • The monthly tab photos are gorgeous! Each month's photo ties in with the overall theme of the planner nicely. 


I plan on using my planner as my personal and work planner when July comes around. I'm so happy that the MORNING, AFTERNOON, and EVENING headlines have been removed. This gives me the freedom to  make my own headlines and make the planner fit my schedule and gives me more freedom to be creative. 

Don't forget to grab the matching washi tape- Hello Life Washi Tape when you pick-up your new planner on March 1st right from the mambi website!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Keep the HOP going by heading over to mambi Design Team member Cassie’s blog to see which Happy Planner™ she's got her hands on! https://cultivatingcasie.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/mambi-blog-hop/

Past Planner Society Kits- June, July, Aug

Hi everyone! I am so sorry I haven't been posting especially about the monthly Planner Society Kits. Things have been a little crazy here but I am getting back on track with Plan With Me videos and regular blog posts. 

Today, I wanted to backtrack a little and post some of my photos of the past kits so you can get some inspiration from them. I'll be doing a video on the September Planner Society Kit (guess who's in it again!) and will post some photos of my layout. For now enjoy the photos. 

Planner Society

MAMBI Happy Planner Compairison To Erin Condren Life Planner


Some photos comparing the new MAMBI (ME AND MY BIG IDEAS) Create 365 Happy Planner to the Erin Condren Life Planner. Very similar but you can see that the height is what sets the two planners apart. Take a look at my YouTube video below! For picture of the inside of the My Life Happy Planner click here. 


Review: Me and My Big Ideas Create 365 Happy Planner

MAMBI Create 365 Happy Planner Review

A look inside the My Life MAMBI Create 365 Happy Planner. This is my first time using a planner that's on a disc binding system. I love all the different accessories that MAMBI offers for this planner. You can really personalize this planner based on your needs- either for memory planning or for daily planning 

To see a photo comparison of the Erin Condren and the Happy Planner together click here. 

Take a look inside the My Life Happy Planner to see how cute the pages are! I also added pictures of the accessories that I purchased with it also.